Anyone Out There...?

Hi Everyone!

I am pretty excited to be blogging again. Yes, I know. I pretty much get excited, then I get busy. I'm currently on winter break (and that's why I'm typing this...vacation = time, time = blogging). And also on a completely random side note I'm currently staring at my blog wondering WHY I still have Periscope in my toolbar. {Insert eye roll}. I need to update my blog ... but that terrifies me! I recently bought my own domain (as in literally 10 minutes ago) and I changed it over so I no longer have the little {} in my url! It's just now! I've only had this blog for, oh, about 7 years now. Took me long enough. So if anyone has any ideas/tips/recommendations for a blog rehaul, please let me know. I want it to be timeless, I want it to look more like a website vs. a blog, I want to not hate it in three years. 

One thing I've really struggled with having a blog is the style of my I want it to be orderly posts that teach? More narrative, scheduled posts that have tidbits on goodness? Or rambling posts that talk about whatever, whenever (pretty much how this blog entry is becoming). I really intended this blog post to be about a specific topic but instead I just started rambling. 

Also, super important question: Do people even read blogs anymore? I know I do, but I feel like most people just post things on Instagram, on their vlog or in a podcast. But, speaking of podcasts, I was recently listening to a podcast that predicted blogs will make a comeback in 2019 because people miss the long form that you can't really do on Instagram. 

You know what I hated about blogging though? How each post had to have a perfectly artistic and award winning layout with stellar images. What if I just want to write lots of words with no pictures at all? I mean that seems fun to me. I get that people need visuals and I get that having a single theme for a post = more eyes on your post, but I don't know. Sometimes I just miss words! The real question is: am I actually going to post this? I guess if you're reading it, you know the answer. 

Here's to blogging!

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