Brag Tags in Kindergarten!

I've wanted to use Brag tags in my classroom for a longgg time.

Seriously. Like even before I had a classroom. 

So this year around October I finally bought the storage container {this Akro-Mils 64 slot toolbox is the one I bought from Amazon) and created a folder on my computer to digitally collect all the brag tags I had bought on TPT. 

And, then. The container sat at my house for a month before I brought it in. 

Then it sat under my desk for another few weeks.

Until finally one weekend in a fit of inspiration, I planned out how I was actually going to use, organize and display the brag tags. I gave myself a few days to get the bulletin board organized, then I started. 

My container wasn't stocked AT ALL (I think I had about 5 Brag tags printed and laminated). 

All I had was the bulletin board ready and I had prepared a ring for each student. On each ring, I had a card with the students name on it.

But I began anyway. 

Literally had only the first row done when I started using brag tags!
I immediately loved the positive reinforcement and seeing the excitement of the students when they got their brag tags.  Once I saw how excited they were to get them, that motivated me to make more brag tags and to organize them in the container. 

Now I give out brag tags twice a week at the end of our daily meeting (typically Tuesday and Friday). Towards the end of the year I started giving them out right away when I noticed students doing something extraordinarily awesome throughout the day. To create a spot for each brag tag, I simply cut the brag tag in half, taped it in with double sided tape and then put the laminated tags behind them. I also hole punched them one by one after laminating (a bit tedious - I saw on Instagram a teacher used a drill to create the holes in a whole stack of uncut brag tags...maybe I need to invest in a drill!). 

More brag tags added!
The funny thing is in retrospect brag tags are a super simple way of positive reinforcement. And it's easy. Really. It is. Once it's set up, you just choose when you're giving the brag tags and what brag tags students are getting. And I love that it forces ME to recognize positive behavior in ALL kids, both for the kids who do a great job all day AND for the kiddos who might struggle a little more.

Container in May...Almost completely filled up!
One thing that has helped me is to create a brag tag spreadsheet {yes, I love a good spreadsheet}. This way I can easily see what brag tags students have already received. Right now, I'm trying to give a new type of brag tag each time, but I know eventually I'll run out!

I give brag tags to reinforce our core school values, to reinforce our classroom rules and expectations and to celebrate holidays and birthdays. I know that technically brag tags are just for reinforcing classroom expectations as a classroom management technique but I love using them as a way to recognize holidays as well, especially in kindergarten.

I use brag tags that I've created, both my Technology Brag Tags, my Classroom Brag Tags, and brag tags from my Sticker Card Behavior Incentives pack,  as well as brag tags created by Ashley Schroeder and Angie Olson. I'm constantly adding to my collection by making more and by searching out new ones other people have made. Some of the brag tags you see in my container I created for my own use but haven't added to my TPT store yet.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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