Spring Cleaning Bug!

If you've been watching my IG story, you know this past week I've been on a bit of an organizing frenzy {as I do EVERY spring! But this year, I have a messy classroom at my disposal so it's worse!}. 

I started with my cabinets. The top pictures are the before and the bottom pictures are the after. I have pretty much organized all of the cabinets next to my door and am about halfway through organizing my cabinets nearest my computer. I have since added labels and organized even MORE...when I finish everything, I will definitely share more pictures!

Then I attacked my classroom library. I know, it looks the same! But before they weren't leveled - I had an amazing parent volunteer who leveled them all for me. Even still it took me about three hours to organize them all into containers. 

For next year, I want different containers {the red just doesn't work for me} and different labels. But that's really just appearance...the important part is that the actually leveling and sorting is done!

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I also revamped my teacher tool box. This photo is from when I was about halfway done. As a tech teacher, I didn't have a lot of storage space so I used it mainly as a place for students to access materials they would need during class. Now I changed it to a storage space for my own materials. This helped me streamline A LOT! These materials used to take up about three cabinet shelves and now only take up one. 

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