Five For Friday 10-14-16

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Oh hi there. The dear lovely people who meander over to read my blog. Which I have not posted on in OVER. A. MONTH. I'm sorry. Really. Except I'm not. Because I've had very little time to actually think about you blog, or you dear reader. 

Because at the end of August, five days before Teacher PD Days began, and two days after I had officially declared my classroom decorating done, I got a phone call. From my amazing principal. Asking me if I was still interested in the kindergarten position I had applied to earlier in the summer. 

Um yes!

But SO MUCH WORK later (oh hello, brand new classroom to decorate and organize, and new curriculum to teach, and new assessments to administer and evaluate), here I am. Officially 7 {SEVEN!} weeks into the school year. 

When I get tired, I ask myself if I'm truly content (I am) and I remind myself that this has my dream for 13 years. HALF MY LIFE! So let's just say, yes, it's a lot of work. But teaching kindergarten is also amazing.

Since I switched classrooms, a big part of the transition besides the planning and teaching was decorating, organizing and cleaning my new classroom. I know we teach the kids that when you're done, you've just begun, but two classrooms to decorate = not as fun as it sounds. I'm still rearranging and organizing things in my classroom! 
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Friday I got inspired and instead of doing the things I should have been doing, I cleaned and rearranged my classroom. Amazing therapy, people! 
I also have been organizing my teaching materials. At night, my way of procrastinating is making pretty binder covers for them. I know only other teachers will understand this.

 One of the best things in kindergarten is that there are a lot of BRAND,  NEW experiences  for the kids {and for me!}. 
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This is my favorite quote from this week.
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And this is something I never realized I'd have to teach! Oh, kindergarten!

I received a grant for Osmo kits this summer and my students LOVE using them! It's so hard to find time for extra things like this during the week, but I try to remember to set it up during our dismissal time for kiddos to use. 

I also {somehow} snuck in a half marathon in September where I ran a PR of 1:47 (left), and a marathon last weekend where I ran a PR of 3:46 (right). I'm officially taking a break from training until the beginning of November and instead I'm focusing on recovery and cross training. 

My goal is to post at least once a month from now on out. Fingers crossed I do! Even though I taught technology for two years, in a lot of ways this year feels like my first year of teaching. 


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