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So excited to be participating in a Blog Hop Giveaway! At each stop YOU have a chance to win a $10 gift card! I know there have been A LOT of last minute purchases I've grabbed from TPT recently and I want to help you out during this exciting but stressful back to school time! 

Click here to enter on Rafflecoptor! 

Click here to head to Laura at Enchanting Elementary for the next stop in the giveaway! When you get back to this post, you'll know you've entered at all the blogs! 

Happy Back to School! 


Five For Friday 8-12-16

I am definitely getting the summer blues! I go back August 29th for two days of teacher meetings then August 31st is our first day of school (which is also a half day - has anyone else had a half day the first day?? I never have and I'm curious to how it will go). I know that's fairly late and I've been super lucky to have such a long summer but it's so hard thinking of setting alarms again!! 

But I finally got up my mojo and went in to school a few times to print, laminate and cut all my decorations! 

Then I started to put some of my decorations up in my classroom! 

See the bench?? I pinned about how I wanted to create this in May! Now I'm deciding whether I want a cushion or not...hmm. 

I'm super excited to be linking up with Allie from The Gypsy Teacher for her birthday give away! (Happy Birthday Allie!). On Sunday, every half hour on her Facebook page, Allie will be sharing a Flash Freebie from a whole range of TPT Sellers! My Flash Freebie will be Sunday at 11 am EST! I cannot wait to celebrate Allie's birthday with these Flash Freebies! 

I have been updating some products and creating some new TPT products before the school year really starts. 
I'm super excited to have updated my Book Quotes! Grab it HERE. I used this when I worked in a middle school and it was one of my favorite parts of my classroom! 
AND I updated my STEM/Maker Space Challenges with a new cover, new instructions and 3 new challenges! Grab it HERE!
I also added a free Learning Goals sign! This product includes signs for specific content areas as well as for grades K-6! Super excited to use these in my own classroom and wanted to share with everyone else!  

I'm at the end of week 8 for marathon training...that means I'm halfway through training! I've had some slight foot pain but with foam rolling and yoga I'm determined to heal and continue training. The humidity though has been really hard! This past week it was RAINING and I was STILL sweating in the rain! 


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