Five For Friday 7-8-16

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My first Donors Choose project is up! I have wanted to use Donors Choose for a longggg time but it always seemed slightly intimidating. When I discovered these Osmo Wonder and Coding Kits I was fascinated but wasn't 100% sure I wanted to plop down the money myself and the money is definitely not in my school budget. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and use Donors Choose! Head over to my project page HERE to learn more about the project. 
Oh! And the best part is until July 12th, all donations get matched by using the code LIFTOFF when you donate! If you can donate ANYTHING (seriously, even a dollar would be appreciated!), I would be so thankful!

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So excited to share this new product from my store with you! I created  the Choice Board for my classroom when I realized one of the classroom management issues I was having was when students would say “I’m done! Now what?”. Put on the spot, I would make something up for them to do. My second year of teaching, I wanted something more structured and that was a part of their routine. This product includes a header, a checklist for students to use before they consider themselves “done” (and is anyone ever REALLY done with their work?), and 13 choice cards (plus two blank cards) that I change throughout the year. The choice card options are largely technology based with some more generic choices. This product has been a game changer in my classroom which is why I want to share it with you! The choice cards also serve as a great differentiation tool as you are able see the types of activities students are drawn to and students are able to explore more deeply topics from past lessons. I included in this product two designs, one that I used last year and one that I am planning on using this year to match the rest of my classroom decor. Head HERE to preview the product and to buy it for your classroom!

I placed my Amazon orders with the supplies for my classroom decorations...and had it sent to my house..TWICE...before finally placing the order correctly so it got sent to my school address. Sigh. Definitely suffering from some summer brain!
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I decided to go in Thursday and open up some of the packages. SO MANY! It felt like Christmas!
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I also filled in my planner for next year and used the label stickers but haven't quite mastered the use of Washi tape!

Summer Reading

Last week I had the opportunities to read to kiddos at our local library and I had so much fun! It was neat talking to them and reading to them again!

I'm at the end of Week 3 of marathon training. So far it's going pretty good. The part  I'm most excited about is seeing how yoga, weight training and plyometric drills impact my form and make me a stronger runner. I've always been pretty much a purist when it comes to running and it's been exciting to introduce more cross training - and to actually be enjoying it!

Monday was the Fourth of July AND it was day 4 of the Olympic Track Trials! The Olympic Trials are to me what the Superbowl or World Series are to other people: I obsessively fan girl, attempt to make patriotic deserts and cheer like heck whenever a Oiselle runner is racing (Highlight from the week: Kate Grace was first in the 800 Finals!).

Happy Friday!

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