Five for Friday 7-22-16

I created my Classroom Letter Labels and added them to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store! I'm so excited for this product because it is something I plan to use in MY classroom! And with 9 designs I'm all set for at least a few years! ;) Plus it's only $3 (and the product is 67 pages y'all!).

I also created a Classroom Number Labels set with matching designs…I personally plan on using the numbers for labeling the computers. Now I just need to decided which design will match my class decor this year.
And if you want BOTH and want to save some moola (I mean, me. I love saving money!) then you can grab the Classroom Labels Bundle I created for just $5.

I am SO excited to use Brag Tags in my classroom this year! If you haven’t heard of Brag Tags head to Lucky Little Learners post HERE. I first heard of brag tags from Angie from Lucky Little Learners and Ashley from Schroeder’s Shenanigans in Second. Since I’m a specials teacher, instead of having a necklace for each student, students will receive brag tags thought class then add their name under the larger brag tag on the Brag Tag display wall. I created this set of Tech Brag Tags to use in my computer lab as well as larger versions of the Brag Tags for my wall display and a “Brag Tags” letters for a sign. Grab them HERE from TpT!

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I finally spray painted my Teacher Toolbox! I bought this 
Plastic Storage Cabinet from Amazon way back LAST year.  I finally painted it using 
Krylon Black Spray Paint and it looks kind of dreary now but when I add the colorful labels I'm hopeful the black will look more neutral! Being a specials teacher, having community supplies has been a LIFE SAVER! The students take such pride in knowing where the supplies are and they are fascinated with all the little drawers! If I become a classroom teacher, I'm bringing this toolbox with me because community supplies are AWESOME!

I decided to do a check in on my Summer To Do's and here's how I'm doing so far!

 I’m rocking it with my decorations goals (plus I even did some extra things like turned some of my decorations into TpT products!). Hooray! Wait…Maybe I shouldn’t celebrate JUST yet.
Nope, you’re not mistaken. My Lessons and Curriculum to do's are: Exactly. the. same. Oh boy. I did read a bit of the Responsive Classroom book but I am NO WHERE close to my other goals. Let’s look at it this way: now that my brain has had a rest, and I was able to get most of my classroom decoration planning done, I can focus on my Lessons and Curriculum to do's! [But creating decorations is so FUN! Sigh].

 I'm five weeks into marathon training and I love looking at my paces for workouts now and seeing how far I've come. Something I wrote in my 
Believe Training Journal  recently was "Progress is possible. Progress is possibility." Sometimes I get caught up in the whirlwind of "where is this leading me? I'm putting in this effort. Is it even getting me anywhere?" I get too focused on the end goal and fail to see how each little bit slowly adds up to progress and that progress leads to possibilities I only dreamed of before. I think I'm reaching a point in my training where I've been tracking it for a while and I can look back and say "Wow. I've come far. Long runs, and speed work and cross training DOES pay off." And it's similar to teaching. Sometimes it can feel as if the daily effort being put in isn't leading anywhere but when I pause to look back, I realize how far I’ve come and how each effort lead to larger changes. Okay. Reflective rant completed. :) 

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