Five for Friday 6-3-16

I officially have ONE more week of school! 3 full days, and 2 half days...woo hoo! These last weeks are sentimental but also in a way amazing...this is when you see the culmination of all your hard teaching bear fruit in the form of students independently completing research projects, from start to finish, in TWO class periods. When your kindergarten clean up routine becomes the same routine you use with your first and second graders. When your second graders give you suggestions for additional tech tools to teach them (They asked if they could create an app or a website for a project and then said YOU DIDN'T TEACH US THAT YET! #sincewhendoIknowhowtomakeanapp?). When first graders begin to create their own Google Docs like the second graders. Okay I'm tearing up right now. I cried at the end of last year and I swore to myself I'd keep the tears at bay! Oh my. And I haven't even made the end of the year slideshow yet!

Speaking of research projects, last week I wrote a post about the research process students use when researching real world problems. This first full introduction for my second graders doesn't take two days, but nine! Read more about it here. 

I am obsessed with my new EC Journal! I designed the cover  myself and I cannot WAIT to use it next year! Read more about the EC Journal here.
And of course I bought a Life Planner on Wednesday when it came out. I went horizontal in colored with a gold coil. They also had an option where you could design your own cover but I couldn't decide what I wanted so I went with a simple heart design. I love you can preview it before you buy it. Now I get to anxiously wait for it to arrive! 

My teaching between field trips, Fun Day and Memorial Day has been a bit scattered (#endofyearcraziness) but I have still been sneaking in some instructional time! 
My second graders the past few weeks have been creating Internet safety presentations for my first graders. My favorite project was a group that first created an awesome poster then planned a skit which they filmed and created an iMovie with. I love when you see students take what you have taught them and make it their own! I also love this picture above...I looked around and realized they were all focused on their work independently with little help from me and took that moment to take this panoramic...I guess that means I did my job but it's a little bittersweet!

Happy Friday!

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