Five for Friday 6-24-26

June Break = Fail! If you read my last Five for Friday post, you know I was planning on taking a break for the month of June from all work. Um, nope. Did not happen. When inspiration hits, I take advantage of it. Inspiration + work = easy and exciting. Work + no inspiration = hard and boring. Right!? So I'm letting inspiration motivate me when it comes and not stressing when it doesn't.

I wrote all about my classroom clean up here documenting how MESSY my classroom was and how I made it MOSTLY organized. 

I went in Monday to school to build my bookshelf bench that I pinned about way back in April. I thought it would be fairly easy. It wasn't. It also doesn't look nearly as cute as the original pin. But I made PROGRESS. And that's the key. 

I also got my Erin Condren Life Planner and I LOVE it!!!! 
Here is my Snap video of me opening it. 

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