Five for Friday: 6-17-16

I have been creating a running note on my phone of summer to do's. I uploaded it to my computer to make a more orderly and organized list. I realized everything on my list fell into two categories: decorations or curriculum and lessons.  Now I have a personalized checklist that I can reference during the summer which will hopefully lead me to get more of it done!
Speaking of summer, I decided I'm going to take the rest of June off. My last day was June 10th and I can't order my classroom decorations until July 1st (see below) and my EC planner isn't probably going to arrive until July. That makes it the perfect opportunity for me to completely take a break from work for 20 or so days. I'm hoping on July 1st I'll have a clearer vision and be a bit more reenergized! I also have a couple projects at home I want to focus on getting done. [Complete confession: I'm writing this post on June 10th...I'm serious about this complete break!].

One of my goals for this year is to become more financially savvy and knowledgeable about my own money. Once I got my "lump check" for the summer, instead of waiting to see what I had left over at the end of the summer to save, I decided on a percentage of how much I wanted to save and I put it into my savings account RIGHT AWAY! That way, the money isn't even on the table as an option to spend. 
Then I took the remaining money and divided it by 13 weeks (11 weeks of vacation, but 13 until I'm paid again) and that's how much I have to spend each month. Whatever is left over at the end of each month goes into savings. I keep track of what I spend in a note on my phone. The second I buy something, whether it is online or in a store, I add it to the list for the week then calculate how much money I have left for the month. It's interesting how little things like stopping at the store on the way home from work on Friday to pick up some Friday treats becomes unappealing: Instead I think of the food I already have and think about how spending that money on food that's not even good for me (let's be honest!) is taking away from money I need to spend on groceries for the month. 
I did something similar to this last summer but with a little less detail and I didn't put the money into savings right away. I also know that I am going to be spending money on certain things at certain times (phone bill, new running sneakers, classroom decorations). Instead of freaking out about how much I'm spending to decorate my classroom, I plan my Amazon cart out and I'm going to wait until July to get cash back on my purchases. With this plan I'm more strategic and accepting about necessary purchases instead of feeling guilty and therefore never sitting down and planning it strategically, which in the end costs MORE money. 
I'm excited for this plan and I'll let you know how it goes! 

The only interruption in my break is towards the end of June, I'll be reading at my local library to students to promote summer reading. But I already picked out my books that I'm reading so I just have to show up and read [One of the books I'm reading is Press Here - if you haven't read it, you need to!]!

I'm starting marathon training for my fourth marathon on June 19th! I'm excited...but also nervous! I have some ambitious goals and I'm terrified of failing, but more terrified of not trying. I know I make progress by reaching farther than where I am now, but the process sure is scary! Here's  a throwback photo from my first marathon [when I posed next to the 7 min pace sign and thought I was SO FUNNY...that's not funny...that's terrifying!]! 

Happy Friday!

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