Five for Friday 6-10-16: Here comes summer!

 Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another AWESOME Five for Friday!

 Happy Last Day of School!!! I of course had to wear my themed t-shirt that I LOVE so much!!
This morning we started the day with a whole school assembly including two's always nerve wracking to see if everything will work...but it did! Phew!!! Just like last year, I had tears in my eyes during the end of the year slideshow...which I had made....and it still made me cry! The students singing along to the songs as their pictures flashed across the screen was just too much!!
At the end of the day, our school has a tradition where we all line up as the busses leave and blow bubbles! It's so fun and the kiddos LOVE it!! There were definitely [more] tears!

This last week has been a whirlwind of purchase orders, teaching, gifts to give and gifts to get...and trying new hairstyles! A student asked if she could put my hair in a ponytail....Sure! Why not!
[Three minutes later] This was the end result! Lesson learned: Don't let first graders do your hair!

I made a small thank you gift for my tech squad that included an emoji wristband and a card that said "Thank you for being a "tech"pert!"

 I run a lot of races, but these medals are my most treasured!! "Great ideas" "Always smiling" "Helper" "Lovable". Made. My. Week.

My second graders took an End of the Year Feedback survey which they answered three questions: What was their favorite part of media? What was their least favorite part of media? If they could change one thing, what would they change about media? I loved seeing what they wrote, some silly and some serious. I plan on using this information as one of the sources of data for planning for next year. 

Happy Friday and Happy Summer!!!

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