Have you seen the Erin Condren Journals?

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Well, have you?

When I accidentally stumbled upon the journal during my nightly Erin Condren browsing, I was so excited! 
My favorite part is that you can create a personalized cover! If you want a favorite quote, but EC doesn't have it as an option - here you go! Or if you want a personalized inspiring photo? This is for you! I went for a more streamlined look that I designed on the WordSwag app (I was nervous about how it would look on the cover after creating it in the app but it looks amazing!).  It literally breaks down what I'll use the journal for: Teach. Write. Reflect. I use my notebooks each year to write notes on my classes (I'll be teaching 23 next year) and take notes in behavior team, then reflect on what I can do for the next class.  

{So happy!}

Unlike with the notebook, the colors on the top of each page are all grouped together creating six colored sections (the variating colors in the notebook actually kind of drove me nuts #truthcomesout #ilikeorder), and there is space on the top of each page to give it a heading.

 This makes it easy to give each page a purpose and provides a nice visual break up. I plan to use the last section for behavior team notes and the front five for classroom notes. I also love that on the right side of each page there is a space to create  a list. This the perfect spot for me to write down my take aways for each day to implement the next class. Then the next class, instead of rereading the whole page, I just glance there. This is something I do now anyway at the end of each reflection so it's made easier by giving it a designated space. 
In the back are a page of colored stickers that you could use for labeling or for tagging certain pages. 

There are definitely some key differences that I've noticed between the journal and the notebook:

First off, the size. 
The journal is smaller than the notebook I had purchased (8 1/2 by 11 vs. 7 x 9) and because it doesn't have a coil, it is A LOT thinner.
One of the reasons its so thin is because it doesn't include a monthly calendar spread (which makes me happy - I loved the calendar in the notebook but it was a bit redundant since I already have a planner and I prefer a week to week layout). It also doesn't have the dividers. Less inspiring quotes, but also less bulk!
And unlike the notebook, the pages are perforated so you can tear them out as needed. I was a little worried that the pages would be hard to turn compared to the notebook but perforation actually makes it easier to bend the pages so it is easy to write in.

The journal was only $20 (yes, WITH the personalized cover!) which is a little more than my typical college ruled 1 subject notebooks I used to use, but a lot less then the EC notebooks. 
The worst part about the journal is waiting until NEXT year to use it! So tempted to make up an excuse to break this baby in this year! I also bought a clearance cover that matches the color scheme on my journal *perfectly*. I cannot wait to buy my Life Planner and have a matching journal and planner! #organizednerd.

Want to buy one? Check out Erin Condren's site

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