Five for Friday 5-6-16

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  I put my own store on sale AND bought some goodies from my wish list! I was super proud that I only bought FOUR things: 100 pack of backgrounds, Melonheadz Thinkers, Arrow Clip Art (look at the glitter ones!!), and Accountable Talk Anchor Charts.

The best present I got for Teacher Appreciation Week was when I found out I passed my last TEAM paper!! TEAM is a two year process for  beginning teachers with five modules and four papers. I was so nervous when I got the email saying my results were in and SO EXCITED to find out I passed! I'm officially done with TEAM and it feels like a huge stress has been lifted! One less thing to worry about! I mean kidding, I learned so much from the process! 

I added a new item to my store that I am so excited to use during our fun day (what we call field day) and to share with you! It contains 45+ image cards, a set of blank cards and 3 games to play using the cards. I know my students tend to droop during field day and need some quieter but still engaging activities - This is the perfect one! And it can be used at other times in the year including team building, indoor recess, and beginning of the year. Grab the cards and games here!

My second graders started to learn about copyright this week. Pretty dry topic so I like to start it off with a fantastic lie story about how I loved stegosaurus books as a kid (yep! That's me at age 7!) but the books said that stegosaurus have TWO brains while a book I recently read said it only had one! Then we go on to talk about whether a more recent book and website or an older book and website is more reliable and compare different websites and books for their copyright date. You would be so surprised to by how many think the older one is more reliable!

I have a trail race tomorrow but right now the weather is predicting rain and THUNDERSTORMS. What?? No! Fingers crossed it doesn't get canceled! It's been raining ALL WEEK! Sunshine please!
I found a whole album of running songs that I LOVE. Most of my running songs are regular songs that I pretend are running songs (*cough* I Know Places by Taylor Swift *cough*) but this album So I Run by Thunderhoof are literally songs about running. LOVE THEM.

Happy Friday! 

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