Five for Friday 5-20-16

Happy Friday!! Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! 

 Today was Fun Day! As a specialist, I get to help plan and implement the's AWESOME! I created a Guess the Word card station and  ran the chalk station. I LOVE this's relaxing, we get to be outside, and the students have SO MUCH FUN! And this year I knew EXACTLY how much chalk I needed so no mid day runs to Rite Aid!

I was out on Tuesday for curriculum work (hello sub plans and anxiety! - I mean am I the only one who worries all day how their students are doing when they're not there? And so relieved when you find out everything went fine? Phew!) but I got back a little bit early and I had a chance to explore the STEAM Museum that had visited my school! I was just as excited and engaged as the students! 

I went to my first retirement party yesterday. Yes #newbieteacher. It honestly was so much fun! I know that might not be a normal reaction but it was so nice to be able to get together with everyone and celebrate the end of the year someone's career. 

I loved my Kindergarten lesson this week. I've had on my lesson calendar all year that I needed to teach about Caldecott winning books. But I just couldn't think of an engaging way of doing it. I was talking to the librarian last week and decided to spread out books around the edge of my carpet and have students sit behind the books. 
We began by examining the front of the book ... What did they notice? They gave lots of creative answers but the main answer was that there was a medal on the front. Then we took a picture walk through the book and shared ideas for why the different books won medals.    
Can I just say my kiddos were awesome?! Almost all knew that it had something to do with the pictures. We talked about how the pictures were vivid, colorful, detailed and almost three dimensional at times. 
Then the students rotated books and analyzed the new books pictures. When we were done, we watched a short video of Chris Van Allsburgh creating illustrations for his books. 
Then the students went onto the Sketchpad website and created their own Caldecott Award winning pictures, including details, vivid colors and creating pictures that tell a story. 
I almost always sit on my stool when teaching so it felt so nice to sit on the carpet with them and to be able to have a round carpet discussion - something I miss from not being a classroom teacher (hello morning meeting!). Now I'm excited to think of more ways to incorporate this style of teaching into my lessons! 

Do you have that TpT product that you are s-l-o-w-l-y working on over time? Me too! My most recent product is a lesson I LOVE to use in my classroom. It's called "Oh No! The Headings Are Missing!" and it's essentially a text feature mystery where students have to use context clues, images, and keywords to figure out the missing heading. Although I love teaching this lesson in my classroom, taking this product from "Classroom Acceptable" to "TpT Ready" tajes a bit of time! So I'm super excited to have that added to my store! [And yep, this lesson is probably more appropriate for mid-year but I gotta get things done when I have time and inspiration!]. 

Have an awesome Friday! And if this week was your last week, I am officially JEALOUS! :)

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