Five for Friday 5-13-16

My first graders are DONE with their end of the year assessments! Those poor babies are tested out between my assessments, classroom assessments, and even assessments in P.E.! So excited to be able to spend the next 4 weeks doing some more fun, hands on learning.
In kindergarten we read the book "12 Ways to get to 11" then watched the BrainPop Jr. video about Counting On. They finished by creating their own funny stories for different number sentences on Brain Pop Jr. 
In second grade we moved from learning about copyright to learning about reliable sources. I feel so bad for teaching these kind of dry topics (in my opinion) but my students are actually eating it up! I think we have a false belief that at the end of a school year, students are worn out and need light lessons - I think it's actually the opposite! They have made so much progress throughout the year and are looking for challenges! And if you don't challenge them academically, I think they end up challenging YOU (*cough* behavior *cough*). You can still have fun - but it needs to engage them and make them think! If you don't it's almost like throwing away all the effort you put in all year! 

After spring vacation, I was grouchy and READY for my second graders to move onto third grade But this week, I started to get really sentimental! I will miss these kiddos and I'll miss the dynamics  of the individual classes! Only FOUR weeks! 19 days! And look at that picture! They never stop making me laugh.
There was a Budget Referendum this past week and while the Town Budget passed, the School Budget did not. Budget season is always so hard! 

 I ran a 5.5 mile trail race last Saturday (yea! It wasn't canceled!). My goal was an 8 minute pace and I ran it in 42:59, a 7:57 pace! I ended up placing 1st in my age group which is crazy! I didn't even stay for the race results to be posted or the award ceremony because then my sister and I continued to run, stopping at 31 miles (!!!), my sisters age and a 50K distance (which is the shortest ultra marathon distance). I'm actually a lot prouder of the 31 miles because that took more grit and perseverance while the age group win was more random.

Next week is super busy! I have my end of the year meeting next week, plus a night event, plus a retirement party, plus our Fun Day, plus a Curriculum Day (which means sub plans...). So I will be busy this weekend getting everything ready for the week! Once next week is over, there will just be 3 weeks left and very few stressful things left in the year!

Happy Friday! 

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