Top 3 Pins in April!

Today I'm linking up with Inspired Owl's Corner, Just Reed and Pawstively Teaching for their three favorite pins for April. 
I created a new Pinterest account recently for my blog @VoraciousTeache (replacing my old account) and these are the pins I've gotten super excited about the last week!

Okay, am I the only one who is DONE with (as in completely sick of) her decorations already this year and is trolling Pinterest already planning their decorations for next year? Just me? Okay, well, that's fine. 

But I have to share this complete gem of a pin I found recently:
I have pretty high counters in my classroom and they are perfect if the students are standing. But impossible to use when sitting. So my solution is to create other little nooks around the room: cozy runners, a big colorful soft carpet, a relaxation station... little things to make a otherwise boring computer lab feel more homey. 

When I spotted this pin, I felt a complete YES! 
Here is where I want to put it in the room. I might just use the bottom bookshelf as a bench and not use the second bookshelf on the top that way there is more space to sit. I love that I can store things under it. It also will open up access to the counter from the side. 

This pin is a great reminder for me as to what my goals are when I am teaching technology. Even as a technology teacher, I can get distracted by the glitz and glam of tech trends and I need to remember that the tech isn't really the point. It's the process and the end goal and the WHY of using the technology that is ultimately important for students. 

I am not huge coffee drinker but I absolutely love this mug. I only drink it when I REALLY need it which is about once a month. And when I REALLY need my coffee, I definitely need this subtle warning system for other people! It also reminds me how in Mindy Kaling's book "Why Not Me?" she mentioned how she would check her coworkers coffee mugs in the morning to see if they were ready to talk to her.

Happy Monday and 2 hour delay! 

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