Sunday Scoop 4-27-16

I heard about this awesome The Sunday Scoop link up from The Tidy Teacher's Link up page and super excited to link up for the first time!

Here are my have to's, hope to's, and happy to's for the week:

Have To:
Starting this week with my first graders I will be giving a practice performance task, then next I give the real-deal-performance task, then the week after I give them my SLO (Student Learning Objective) assessment. I feel so bad for these poor babies! :( My goal for next year is to develop a SLO that relies less on a one time assessment administered three times a year and instead on their actual work they complete throughout the year, measuring growth that way. Because I feel bad for them but I also feel bad for me! Wah wah wah...done complaining now! ;)

I have just seven weeks of school left when I head back tomorrow from my {awesome, amazing, productive and relaxing} spring vacation. I'm a specials teacher so I really only teach three lessons a week [yep, be jealous. I'm also not full time, so there's that!]. I have four lessons that I haven't really nailed down completely and I need to finish those. 

And I have to submit my TEAM paper! If you're not a CT teacher, TEAM is a two year program for new teachers. I am on my last module and SO CLOSE to finishing! I have to finish this paper - they're definitely not fun to write BUT I actually kind of excited! It's has the feeling of Finals Week senior close! Yet still so much work.

Hope To:
Do you ever work on a TPT product and you are just SO EXCITED by it's potential for awesomeness and ability to help teachers? Yep. Me too. I have a product in the work that I use in my own classroom and am now converting to a TPT product. Hoping to finish it this week!

I'm also hoping this first week back from vacation goes smoothly! I am going to be spending the rest of this Sunday warming up my teacher brain and practicing my "teacher voice" because I am out of practice after a week spent outside in this glorious 70 degree weather!

Happy To: 
To be completely honest sometimes I wish I was good enough at running to do it professionally...Don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching, but running is such a mental release for me!  Love, love, love it. My dream job would be 1/3 teacher, 1/3 professional runner, 1/3 TPT seller....Think that dream could come true?? ;)

Happy Sunday and I hope you have a great week!

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