My To Do List is Messy...And That's Okay.

This is some real talk so I just want to prepare you. Not my normal roses and sunshine. 

Last week I mentioned how I was going to use Ashley Schroeder's To Do list to organize my to dos for vacation.

I imagined it as a beautiful color coordinated piece of artwork, using my flair pens to make my to do list so beautiful I would check, check, check everything off. 

Well first I kept remembering things  I wanted to get done and my pretty to do list was nicely tucked away in my Erin Condren notebook.

So I did what I always do when I have an idea I know I'll forget if I don't write it down right away: I grabbed my phone and created a new note. Soon I had a five category list on my phone with all my to dos that I could add to and edit wherever I was.

But of course on Sunday it was still bothering me that I never actually used the fancy To Do list since I had promised I would. So I sat in my backyard and wrote down EVERYTHING that was on my phones list.

Was it pretty? Was it color coordinated? 


After, I actually became MORE stressed because seeing all the things I had to do FREAKED ME OUT! It was a level of stress I hadn't had since college. I then spent ALL week obsessively working. I got SO MUCH DONE yet my to do list was still sitting there. 
People, it's my spring vacation. A little bit of work, good. The level I was doing? Let's just say anything that reminds me that much of college is never a good thing. 

So by Thursday (today), the drive to DO STUFF was still there but I stopped. I resolved on Thursday, I would do NOTHING work related. NOTHING. I would read a book. I would spend time with my family. I would hide my phone because that's just a gateway to doing work. 

We all need breaks. Sometimes we forget to tell ourselves that and forget to give ourselves permission to relax. My to do list can sit there for a day. That's fine. It will always be there. The sunny beautiful spring day spent with my family? That won't last forever

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