Five for Friday 4-8-15

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday! 

I started my Tech Squad this week! 

What's my Tech Squad?

 My Tech Squad are five groups of students (a different group from a different grade for each day) who come to my computer lab each morning and log in the computers (zero clients). 

After a brief training, they did amazing!! They will continue to come each week until the end of the year. So excited to work with my little munchkins in this capacity and start teaching them the more technical side of technology. 

My first graders have been scientist and poets these past few weeks!

First they "visited" the San Diego Zoo (through the animal live cams...check them out! The kids love them!) and completed research on PebbleGo. They studied their chosen animals habitat, body, and life cycle.

Then they wrote a haiku about their animal on their Haiku Starter. 

After checking in with me, they typed it up on Google Drive, inserting a picture. I love this project because I see so much growth since the beginning of the year and I get to combine science, inquiry, and poetry! 
Want to try this lesson with your own students? Check out the activity here on TPT! It's perfect for April, spring time, and National Poetry Month!

To my kindergarteners, I posed the question "Could they survive in their favorite animals habitat?". They visited PebbleGo to learn the habitat of their chosen animal then they went to BrainPop Jr. and learned specifically about that habitat - Artic, woodlands, rainforest, etc. - and had to tell me how they would adapt to be able to live in their animals habitat. 

I linked up this week to Top 3 Pins for April for the first time! I shared three of my current obsessions on Pinterest...including this bench! [which I may have already ordered...err...and may be sitting in a box right next to me unopened...I promise I'll blog about it when I put it all together!]

I am knee deep in Teacher Entrepreneur School! Here is my binder in my attempt to keep on top of it all! [I swear I didn't take this class just to justify buying this super cute binder...really!!].

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