Five for Friday 4-15-16

My second graders used Google Forms this week to create surveys. It was the first time I had taught the lesson but the students loved it!
They first had to plan out their survey, writing at least two questions deciding what their questions answer would look like: short answer, multiple choice, or yes/no. They got to choose any topic (school appropriate of course!). When they finished their survey they had to get my signature, then they flipped the paper over and followed the instructions on the other side to create their own Google Form.

If you want to try this lesson, it's great for just exposing students to Google Forms, but it would also be great for research! The students could create research based questions for their classmates or even create a survey they want to ask their school or someone outside of their school. So excited about the potential of Google Forms in research! Grab the three day lesson plans, planning sheet and Google Forms instructions above on TPT!

SPRING BREAK STARTS TODAY!!! Well today at 2:10. But seriously SO EXCITED! My students have been loopy and I swear its because we haven't had as many snow days. While I'm super excited that we get out earlier this year, I also feel like the students aren't used to such long stretches of school without any breaks. 
Then when we come back, I only have seven weeks until summer! I printed  Ashley Schroeder's Spring BreakTo Do List Freebie and filled it out..if you haven't grabbed this freebie, you should! It helped me organize my brain for the break so I can hopefully maximize the time. 

Rocking the plastic bag skirt.
I ran my third marathon this past Sunday. I had three goals like I always do with running. My A goal, pie in the sky, was breaking 3:40 and possibly BQing (Boston Marathon Qualifying). My B goal, my definitely doing this goal, what I trained for goal, was breaking 3:45. My C goal, my OMG what is happening, this sucks, goal was breaking 4 hours. And sorry to disappoint but I only achieved my C goal.
This was the course...where are the spectators??
I ran it officially in 3:57 and unofficially in 3:52. 

What happened? Who knows. 

Mainly I set super high goals for myself. With running you come up against the reality of physical abilities that you don't have to deal with when it comes to work or academic goals. It was actually a great race in retrospect because it helped me put my running goals into perspective (progress is slow and that's awesome! Because progress is progress!). It also helped remind me that I run for the joy of it. 
Third place age group wins!
And the best part was my sister and I both placed third in our age group! That's one HUGE plus of running a super desolate marathon with only 60 other runners!

I am loving Snapchat! Using it as a teacher blogger is similar to Periscope where you peek into teacher's classrooms but it's more spontaneous and unplanned which I love. 

Follow me because I would love to follow you and get a peek into your classroom! 
Plus you get to see goodies like the progress of my desk clean-up! ;)

Earth Day
Loved this Earth Day anchor chart I found on Instagram (left). Decided to create my own for my kindergarten lessons this week and it definitely wasn't quote as Pinterest-worthy but oh well! My kindergartners didn't judge! 

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