Five For Friday 4-1-16

Happy April!

April Fool's Day! I walked into a tech meeting and they told me the internet was down for the day..what!! Then they all started giggling. Gosh darn it! They got me! I have been in such a fog I forgot it was Aprils Fools Day!

Linking up to Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching

I have new social media! I mentioned how I took a break from social media over Lent. The break was amazing and exactly what I needed! Now that I'm back I feel fired up! I created a new Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat! 

I linked up with Bonita at Learning Wholeheartedly for a Teacher Tested Technology Link Up! My post is all about Student Friendly Search Engines. 
The Whimsical Teacher on Periscope challenged teachers to a Teacher Themed Mins Game for the month of April. 

Basically everyday you throw out, give away, etc. one thing that you don't need or want anymore from the Whimsical Teacher. Okay, peeps, total honesty: I stink at throwing stuff out. I justify and chuck it in a cabinet or shove it in a drawer. So this challenge is something I NEED. The way it works is you get rid of one thing for the day of the month it is: April 1st: 1 item, April 2nd: 2 items, etc. 

Today I started little sticky notes small. For some reason I have this idea that I'll REUSE the sticky notes. I mean they are literally less than a square inch and they are semi-wrinkled, and they have lost their sticky-ness. SO today I scooped them up and TOSSED them in the recycling. 

I know that's super small but it's a START!

I joined Kelli Alaina's free course "Get It Done in Less Time with More Grace" and the irony is...I haven't had time to get any of the stuff done!! Clearly I need this course!! I printed it all and it's my number 1 To Do for this weekend!! 

So excited for Teacher Entrepreneur School with Sheila and Caitlyn!! I signed up for the spring session and it'll be interesting balancing it all but I'm so motivated and passionate about becoming a better teacher entrepreneur!!

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