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Hi April 2nd! I was initially planning on blogging my Currently with my Five for Friday but I was too lazy to wait until Farley posted and wanted to go to sleep so here I am posting it on the 2nd! :)

I have been sick the last TWO weeks with two different colds. SO not fun. So grateful it's the weekend...

I posted this on my Instagram last night....SO true this week! It just wasn't worth the effort of organizing sub plans, then having to figure out what was taught after the fact...especially since I only teach each class once a week. 

I have just an 8 mile run today instead of a long run (i.e. 20 miles) so my sister and I decided to run it tonight just so we wouldn't have to get up early...felt super strange to wake up at 7 and not already be running. 
This weekend I just have two goals: complete the first lessons in Kelli Alaina's course and get my lessons organized for the week. Otherwise I am RESTING!

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