Words for the week ahead...

This weekend my sister and I were running. About 12 miles into the run (let's just say that the run included FOURTEEN miles of speed work - I'll leave it up to you to guess the entire length of the run), I mentioned how getting up early (we had gotten up at 4:30) after a busy (and stressful!) work week and running long WITH speed work in it had gotten easier. 

And my sister replied with complete accuracy "It doesn't get easier. You just get better."

Like hot and cold, easy and hard are relative. What was hard before was now easy. Except what we were doing hadn't changed. We were doing the same exact 22 mile (opps..spilled the beans) speed work out that we had done in the fall. The work out itself hadn't gotten any easier. In fact since our goal marathon pace has decreased, you could argue that it had actually gotten harder.

But the reality is, the work out itself hadn't changed. It was me who had changed. I had gotten better: at speed work, at running long, at fueling before and during. 

And isn't this so true in life? 

I mean we all remember writing that first 10+ page paper (for me, it was junior year of high school) and completely freaking out about it all year. Then suddenly you're writing 10 page papers every other week in college. Did the writing get easier? Of course not! You just get better and more efficient. 

And isn't that true for teaching? I remember how writing one lesson plan during student teaching was laborious taking tons of time and creating a final product that was a solid ten pages when finished (speaking of ten page papers..). 

Now I write and revise several lesson plans each weekend and most don't read longer than one page. It really didn't get easier. It's just with time and practice, I've gotten better: I know the essentials to include, I know what will engage the students, I know what will fit into a 40 minute lesson and what won't.

If you feel overwhelmed right now, stay calm. Stick with it. Keep pushing. You will become stronger and you will gain skills to make you better. 

And if you are already better at things? Take a moment to reflect: Your life really hasn't gotten easier (sorry to burst that bubble), you have just gotten better. You are pretty darn amazing. 

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