Need some inspiration for the week ahead?

This is my THIRD week of sharing inspirational quotes for the week ahead...I am a quote fanatic!

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My quotes for this week come from a conversation I had yesterday with my mom and sister. My mom is hands down the smartest, most intuitive person I know. And whenever she shares gems, I immediately write them down. 
Quote, Inspiration, Barack Obama
The first quote is based on a speech Barack Obama made during Super Tuesday in 2008. 

The second quote is something my mom said later on in the conversation.
Quote, hope, Inspiration
These quotes speak to the quiet hopes we hold in our hearts. To the quietness of success and progress. Success and progress are often not as we imagine them: there is not great fanfare and celebration during it, there is not acclaim and recognition as we toil. 

I run a lot and with running it is the little whispers inside that I need to listen to and encourage. When I listen to them and give them an opportunity, they grow into something bigger than I could ever have imagined.

And when things don't automatically happen as planned? Or they take detours? That's okay! You never know what is in the works and what is headed your way. 

Don't give up because it is not automatic or it takes time or it takes hard work. 

One day, it will be a roar from a whisper you're glad you nurtured.  

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