Five For Friday 3-4-16

Happy Read Across America Week!
I wore my Dr. Seuss shirts....
AND on Wednesday it was Dress as Your Favorite Book Character Day. So I of course choose....Pippi Longstocking!! Check out my costume! I definitely put more thought into this costume then I've put into any Halloween costume in a long time!

We had author Grace Lin come and speak today!
During my classes, students completed pre-search on Grace and brainstormed a question they wanted to ask her.  I've always wanted to touch on interviews with the students as a means of research either though a Skype or with a local expert. Having an author come was an amazing opportunity to do this!
Then I created booklets of their questions to put in our library.

I got an ERIN CONDREN notebook!!!! I really wanted a life planner but they only come for the regular year and not the academic year PLUS there is the reality I already have a planner for this year! ;) 
So I decided to test the waters with a notebook because I'm always taking notes in behavior team, tech team, and PBIS in a notebook that is almost filled.

Since the notebook came with awesome dividers,  I created sections for each meeting.

It has a monthly calendar in the front that I can use so I don't have t lug my notebook and my planner to every meeting.

PLUS it is chock full of inspirational quotes and inspirational quotes are my jam!

I have been on a cleaning, organizing and redoing decorations streak!
I cleaned up behind my easel because it became VERY messy. Then literally the afternoon I cleaned, my vice principal came in looking for an easel she could borrow for a night event. I knew I cleaned the back off for a reason! Saved myself some embarrassment! Phew! 
You can read about how I used new containers to organize my desk and my classroom in my Currently post. 

This Periscope gives you a better glimpse of how I organized using them (plus I walk you though my EC Notebook!).

I replaced my inquiry sign - it seemed so drab and dark - I wanted something brighter and more cheerful!

I think I must have been bite by the spring cleaning bug!

My sister and I (on the left!) looking absolutely ECSTATIC after crushing our PRs. 
I ran a half marathon on Saturday! 
My C goal was break two hours, my B goal was break 1:55 and my A 'Pie in the Sky' goal was 1:45. I decided beforehand I would go largely by feel checking in on my pace every once in a while but not obsessing over it. 
I ended up running 1:52:52 and it was AWESOME! Read my race recap here (just be prepared for runner TMI!). 

Happy Friday!

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