Five for Friday 3-25-16

Oh hello Five for Friday! 
It's been a while! 

March has been super busy and here's why: 

I was knee deep in Regional PD Planning! It went awesome (okay fine, total honesty I almost flooded a room). I was super focused on that last week and after I just wanted to chillax! Besides co-planning the day, I also ran the maker space providing two challenges: create a penny barge, or make your own Rube Goldberg machine. 
People were hesitant at first but then as they opened up, I loved seeing how excited and competitive people got! They were competing over having the best Machine and over whose barge held the most pennies.  
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Grab those STEM Maker Space challenges (plus some extra bonus ones!) here on TPT!

I am tapering for my marathon! It's crazy to think that I actually completed all the training and long runs through the winter. Whatttt! 
And even though I'm "tapering" I still have some heavy workouts including a track session this week that ended up being..TEN MILES. 
Honestly I'm exhausted. It takes a lot of energy. But now it's just TWO weeks away! Then I get to rest until my next race....which is THREE weeks after that! Wait, what??

I bought these tabbed sticky notes to use in my Erin Condren notebook to further divide the notebook (for example, I have a PLC section and I can use the sticky notes to divide the section into the different PLCs I attend. You can find these gems here on Amazon

I also bought a pack of multi colored Flair pens. LOVE.

My second grade students are knee deep in their real world problem research. Because the students complete the different parts of the project at different paces, a lot of my classes are kind of (okay, NOT kind of) - ARE REALLY all over the place. Some are finishing research. Others are beginning their storyboards. Some are beginning to find their images for their iMovies. And some are beginning to create their iMovie. And that's one second grade class. And I teach EIGHT of these babies! 
I'll be blogging in more detail soon about how I keep everything organized!

My spring break isn't for another THREE weeks! Anyone have a late spring break??

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