Inspirational Quote for the Week Ahead!

This week I was lying in bed about to go to sleep and I KNEW I needed to get up and go get ice packs from the freezer for my knees. I lay there grumbling to myself that I was already in bed and it would take so much work to get up and I would have a hard time falling asleep once I got back in bed.

Then a tiny voice in my head said "It's not work. It's worth it." 

Whoa! Mind shift!

How often do we grumble and complain because it's SO MUCH WORK to do something? What if instead of grumbling, we spent that energy DOING IT because ultimately it is worth it.

It's worth it to double and triple check back in with that student who needs that little extra guidance. 

It's worth it to share your ideas at a meeting knowing it might lead to follow up and YOU implementing the idea because then your ideas become reality for the whole school. And who knows? Someone might volunteer to help you with it!

It's worth it to make the time to meet with a classroom teacher who might need some extra support. Because not so long ago YOU were (or still are at times!) that teacher.

Is it more work? OF COURSE! But work that makes you grow, it makes you learn. it makes you more engaged, it helps to build a school that YOU want to work in and it forces you to become a stronger teacher. SO WORTH IT!

It's not work. It's worth it.

Have an AWESOME Read Across America Week!

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