How to Create a Digital Chalkboard (In a Simple Way!)

I was playing around with Keynote the other night and a GENIUS idea came to me and I HAD to Periscope and blog about it! 

So you know how you really want to create a chalkboard background for your classroom decorations or TPT products? 

Well, if you are me, in the past you would Google "Chalkboard Background", copy and paste the background in, stretch the original image that you stole from some poor person until it was completely distorted and it just looked FUNKY then give up because it looked HORRID and you felt guilty about stealing someone's picture of a chalkboard from Google. TRUE STORY.

So then I had this brainstorm and HAD to share!!

You start off by Googling "Chalkboard Background" (Wait...this sounds familiar? Just wait!) then you go to images and choose a picture that you like the color of (I think a fairly consistent and less smeary chalkboard works best).

Then go to your file and insert a square and make it fit the page. You'll want Keynote to not cover the whole screen (see below) so you can still see the chalkboard in the background. 

THEN under Style select Color Fill under Fill, click the wheel, click the eyedropper then move the circle over to the chalkboard you chose and click.


No copyright worries, no worries about the background looking funky because you stretched the image. Just pure AWESOME chalkboard color. The color I ended up with was Red 92, Green 92, Blue 92. 

So now let’s say you want to add lettering right?

I found this website with the great title Hipster Chalkboard Look and Feel. Because I want to be a hipster please!

And they have chalk colors with the RGB slider numbers! How cool is that!

So let me choose a font. At first I was looking though my Hello and KG fonts but then I noticed that they had fonts on this site too! What?? I really am a hipster I guess. 

The fonts are located on UCreative and I was choosing between the Urban Sketch, Retchman and Return to Sender. THEN I FOUND A KG FONT! What! Yes it’s called Second Chances and I LOVED IT! It was the WINNER. 

After selecting the font I went back to check the chalk RGB numbers when I realized I could just use the eyedropper tool here too. I LOVE my Mac. Seriously people if you are on the fence, do it. Don’t buy a PC because you’re scared.

Random aside but the only thing I don’t like is that the my stick drives aren't recognized and some of my old files made on Publisher aren't recognized on my Mac so eventually I’ll have to go copy them into PowerPoint (yes, I have a PC laptop as well as a Mac..and an iPad...and an iPhone...I've somehow turned into THAT person!) so then I can open them in Keynote. Anyways though! Back to chalkboard inspired life!

I also found on this Hipster page links to My Fonts where I found these super cute little chalkboard decorations!  What!! And they are free. Which is my favorite word. 

So I can add some of these too! These are a little tricker to figure out. The word "And" appears when you hit the letter Y. Why? I’m not sure!

Don't you love the chalkboard look? Now I have to go create something using this awesome discovery!

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