Five For Friday 2-26-16

Excited to link up to Five for Friday!

 I was looking at my blog this week and realized I had 138 tags!!! 

I had tags for teacher, teaching, first year teacher, new teacher....yes very redundant! And overwhelming when scrolling through my blog. 

I narrowed it down to 29 tags which is a HUGE improvement!

I FINALLY linked my PayPal account to my Teachers Pay Teachers page PLUS verified my PayPal account. Woo HOO! Now that's what I call adult-ing.
Teachers Pay Teachers, Text Structure, 6th Grade
Once I was on TPT, I decided to update some of my products so they were visually nicer on the eye.

Then (gulp) I set prices for them.


All my products were always free but after seeing over 5,000 downloads on some of these free products I realized I was just cheating myself. I work hard on the products! 
Relaxation Station, Classroom Management, Break
This week I redid my Relaxation Station sign because my original sign was getting pretty beat up!

When I was done, I added it my TPT store!

See this post about how I initially set my relaxation station up and see this post for the link to the I Choose board.

Watch my latest Periscope to learn all the juicy details about what is in my Calm Kit and how I use it in my class [plus a spontaneuos classroom tour!]!!

My goal for TPT is to continue to update it with products as I create them for my classroom.

Is it weird I'm already brainstorming how I want to decorate my classroom for next year?? I'm thinking lots of brights (think Astro brights) on black. I've started to Google (being on a social media break can sometimes be a inconvenient! No Pinterest!) 
And I've been adding things to my Amazon cart!! #NotOrderedYET

We had our monthly staff breakfast this morning and I brought fruit salad! I can't bake to save my life so I figured fruit is an easy and healthy option [Okay. Total confession? I actually had to Google how to cut up strawberries! Whoops]. 

And here's what else I have been browsing on Amazon...HMM I wonder what or why I would need a red braided wig?? Could it have to do with Read Across America Week?? That is somehow ALREADY NEXT WEEK??! 

Take your guess in the comments and find out next week!

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