Five for Friday 2-12-16

Excited to link up to Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

So a HUGE part of achieving your goals is accountability. I wanted to use this Five for Friday to update my progress with my goals from January AND to see if I want to to update or change any of them.
I had four categories of goals and one little word.

My big financial goal is to figure out my retirement and I did! 

I contacted and email about a bajillion people in my district and on the state level and kept pestering until I got the answer I wanted. Then I even filled out the paper work to have extra deposits withdrawn from each paycheck. So excited!

If I had to change this goal, I'd say figure out a way to get my retirement account from when I was a para to actually EARN money. Instead, the stability of principle is 100% and I legit have lost about $100 since it was opened. 

Makes me kindddaaa mad because there is a man whose job is to manage these accounts but I'm losing money in this account! So my goal is to contact him and get him to shake things up a bit...I'm young! Give me some stocks please! 

And my other financial goal was to save more money by spending less...I'd say this is on its way to being successful but I want to update this by creating a budget for each week/month and tracking what I spend. I did this over the summer when I was on a tighter budget and it was super successful. 

One of my goals was eating healthier.  I have been eating more fruits and I'm continuing to eat a salad each day but I feel like I could eat less sugary treats at night and more fruits.

Another was exercise.  I'm doing really good with my running and yoga goals, doing both even when I'm tired after a long day.

I'd say I want to add a goal under health which is SLEEP!! I go go go and I know I'm going to CRASH soon because I'm not slowing down but I'm not increasing my rest or sleep. In fact I'm getting LESS! So my goal for sleep is at least 8 hours a night.

My goal for teaching was to essentially be a more present teacher specifically for my students.

 To be really honest I am working my backside off with teaching lately! Getting to work at 7:15 and not stopping until I leave at 5. More importantly though than the hours, is the time I take each day to  thoughtfully prepare for students and collaborating with students to find solutions. No matter how tired I get, I still get up the next morning with energy and do it all over again, which makes me know I'm doing the right thing because instead of draining me it energizes me. 

I also think having most of my teacher evaluation done for the year helps because it can pretty much be removed from my plate and I can focus on day to day teaching. 

My last goal was saying yes when I truly felt it and to not be scared of the yes; but to also say no when I just felt obligated to say yes, but it really wasn't in my heart.

Wow. This one has probably been the most interesting to me because I struggle with this SO much. I will continue to convince myself I want to do something and will justify and justify then boom it's time to do "the thing" and I just freeze. And it's always in that moment that I know deep inside I don't want to and it's just out of obligation or duty or not letting someone down, that I say yes. 

Sometimes I want to say no because I'm tired. Other times it's because I just don't want to do "the thing". I was listening to a podcast (Real Talk with Nicole Antoinette) and at one point the guest said: "No is a complete sentence."

No. That's all you need to say. And I was like YES! I always feel the need to justify my no but why? Am I doing it to explain to others or really to justify and explain my no for myself so I don't feel guilty about not meeting my "obligations"? 

I mentioned above how working really hard to be a better teacher energizes me. That is such a YES for me. I'll take the extra time, coming in early and leaving late. I feel good about that right now. It probably will not always be a YES. But if I make room in my life for the things that are really NO then I won't have energy or time for my YES which in this moment is really dedicating myself to teaching like I never have before, really doing it with my heart.

So I feel this goal is still in progress but I'm making progress and that is HUGE for me.

My one word for 2016 is breathe. 

Which is actually really freaky. Before I looked, I thought it was hope or joy or some nonsense like that (not saying those are bad words! Just not where I am right now!). So when I saw it was Breathe, it was a complete YES moment!

In the literal sense, I have been working on my breathing as a way to be present and focus myself in the moment (I know that sounds super new age but it's really not!!).

I think it started with my 20 minutes of yoga a week where when I was holding a position the only thing I could focus on was my breathing. 

Now I find myself taking calming breathes when I'm making food or in bed trying to sleep or teaching and my brain won't stop racing with, 'Oh my gosh then I have to do this, when will I fit that in? I'm so excited for this lesson coming up, but what are my first graders doing next week?...' And breathe.

Happy Friday and Happy February Vacation (Four day weekend!!)!

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