Day In The Life

I mentioned writing a Day in the Life post. When I got home and was reflecting on today and felt Yes! Today is the day:

5:00 Alarm went off. Turned it off. Rolled over. Double checked for a delay. Went back to sleep.

5:40 Woke up. Realized that we probably weren't going to have a delay. Cracker jacks. Wednesday is my weights day but I didn't think I'd be able to make it before school started. I work out at the high school weight room (shh don't tell anyone!) but I like to get there a good half hour before the kids show up. Which means I needed to wake up at 5. Whoops.
Showered, ate breakfast, dried hair and got dressed in my running clothes.

6:40 Left my house and decided that instead of hitting the weight room, I'd do my Thursday workout: hills. Ran 3 hills at one hill, ran 4 at another hill, then ran 3 more at a third hill. It was a little after seven when I finished so decided to head into work. Ran 3.33 miles total.

7:25 Arrived at work and got changed into work clothes (I run commute. I'm going to blog about that soon on my running blog!)

7:40 Sit at my desk to gather my thoughts for a few moments and eat my post workout yogurt. 

7:45 Print checklist for a student, prep classroom for my lessons (papers on clipboards, recycle any papers lying around, get my keynote slides up on my Mac, update my bookmark bar in Google Chrome for today's classes) and start to log in my zero clients. 

8:20 Parent Drop Off Duty! Head outside where it is SNOWING! I actually kind of love this duty because it's 15-20 minutes where I can greet students as they start their day and get to have fun conversations with them.

8:40 Prep! Finish logging in computers and log into Google Chrome.

9:10 Head upstairs to talk to a few students who have individualized behavior plans. This is really vital with my students as I see them only once a week and I love touching base with them in the morning when they have class.

9:20: Pulled the books about Valentines Day I wanted to use with my kindergarten classes.

9:30-11:45 Taught my three morning classes. 

11:45 Photocopied worksheets for the rest of the week.

12:00 Wrote Class Dojo messages and awarded Class Dojo points for the morning classes.

12:15 Grabbed my lunch from the fridge and started to eat.

12:20 Updated my differentiation sheet for this week (student choice) about how the morning went using the strategy with my classes. Watched (really listened to) some teacher Periscope's while I did this as a way to distract and motivate myself.

12:30 Wrote PLC Agenda and created a collaboration form we have to fill out for each PLC meeting. Shared with other teachers.

12:50 Prepped clipboards and made sure I was ready for my afternoon classes.

1:00-3:10 Taught my afternoon classes. 

3:10 Finish typing up scripts for a Coding group that is presenting their learning and teaching others to code at a distinct event. The students wrote notes on what they wanted to say and I took their notes and turned them into scripts. For some reason I kept procrastinating on this task so it was great getting it done. Printed them and highlighted the students different parts. 

3:40 Specials PLC. We meet twice a month mainly focusing on behavior. We brainstormed interventions and strategies to use with one class that we are concerned about.

4:40 Sent Class Dojo messages and awarded points for afternoon classes.

4:50 Sent email about organizing  Regional PD planning that has been hanging over my head. 

5:00 Wrote outlines for my lessons for next week and printed them. Pulled book for lesson next week. Put all materials in a pile. Why did I spend 20 minutes doing this? Because one of my goals for February break this weekend is to NOT bring home any work. I just want to COMPLETELY relax on vacation with no pressure. If I have inspiration to work on something, great. If not? No worries because I'm all set! 

5:20 Get changed back into running clothes.

5:30 Run 2.7 more miles, stopping at Rite Aid on the way home to pick up a can of tomato soup and stickers to use with a specific student who requested them when we mapped out his Plan B earlier this morning. 

6:10 Got home. Ate dinner and ice cream. Wrote in my running journal then strategically put my phone away and relaxed with a Sarah Dessen book.

8:00 Wrote this post while listening to Real Talk with Nicole Antoinette.

9:00 Bedtime!!!

Okay. Wow. Writing this made me feel like I was reliving my day. And now I feel exhausted! It made me realize SO many little things I do throughout the day to make each day and each week successful. And that I get to work at 7:25 and don't leave until 5:20. 

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