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Happy February! (Just a day late!)


The song Katie of Tennessee by The Apache Relay is stuck in my head on repeat. Super catchy with fun lyrics (plus it has my name in it!).

Oh my gosh! That's it February! I love, love, love February and to be honest I'm not quite sure why. I think I view it as the worst of winter is over and spring is on its way (I live in CT...winter doesn't really end until April), February break is almost here (but it's only a four day weekend), and it's the month of Valentines Day! (even though I'm almost always single).  So again no reason to love it as much as I do but I always get super happy when it's February! Maybe it's the longer days and the extra sunshine?! (See included screenshot I sent to my sister this morning - YES! HE DID NOT SEE HIS SHADOW! I REPEAT! NO SHADOW! Okay back to normal voice).


About how successful having a capsule collection for the month of January was and how excited I am to do it again in February! 
January 37
I chose 37 pieces pf clothing in January and wore these clothes just for work, which meant 19 outfits. 
January Outfits
To be completely honest, the most I ever wore anything was MAYBE three times. And that was my white tee shirt I essentially used for layering. It made me realize just how many pieces of clothing 37 pieces is! 

Other benefits?

-I shopped A LOT less! There was really no point because there wasn't that instant gratification of being able to wear anything new right away. The temptation is less tempting when you know you can't wear anything new for another month.

-Saved so much time. I already pick out my outfits for the week ahead before I started my capsule, but now that I know what I can wear for the month I can plan the whole month out in an hour instead of doing it each week. It also made it a quicker process because instead of choosing from say, 100 shirts, I had only about 17 tops to choose from.

-I felt like I was shopping in my one closet when choosing the next months clothes! Like oh hey! Look at this cool skirt! It satisfied my need for newness and novelty with my clothes.

I chose another 37 for this month mainly for seasonal reasons - bye blue cords! Hello red and pink cords! (I already told you how much I love February and that means February colors!)

My customized LLBean tote to get here! For some reason, I have been using a grocery reusable bag to cart my stuff in and out of school and I decided it was high time to make the splurge and buy a
sturdy tote!

One extra hour everyday that I can allocate as needed. 
Extra sleep? Insert hour. 
Extra time at school getting work done? Insert hour. 
Extra time to fit in a run? Insert hour. 
Extra time to just relax?Insert hour.


I discovered the magic of Podcasts with Anything & Everything with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke (they finally started posting again!). Then binge listened to Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers. And now I found Running on Om with Julia Hanlon. 
I started by listening to her interviews with elite athletes, then went on to listen to ones that looked interesting, and now I've just admitted I'm going to listen to all of them! Julia is super zen and her voice is very peaceful to
listening to, plus she interviews super interesting, usually insightful, usually hilarious people.

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