Plans and Goals for 2016

Linking up with Principal Principles and to #2getherwearebetter Plans and Goals Linky. 

Here we go!


Figure out my retirement plans...I know I'm only 25 but I've read enough Suze Orman articles in Oprah magazine to know the earlier you start saving the better! 

I'm actually kind of frustrated because I know I have a retirement fund through my job, yet the information has never been shared with me. How much money is in it? Can I contribute more money per month?

Gah! So that's really my number #1 goal. 

And to keep saving money by not spending as much money! I'm hoping my capsule collection will help with this since my biggest impulse buys are clothing.  


Eating:  Eat healthier: Eat my veggies! Find fruits I like and eat them daily. And don't binge eat/emotional eat. 

Running: Fidelity to my running plans/run 2,016 miles in 2016 so I can achieve my more specific running goals:
-break 21 minutes in the 5K
-break 4 hours in the marathon (came so close at NY so I know I can do it, but I need to work on my mental strength through pain). (Spring)
-break 3:30 in the marathon (Fall)

Yoga: 20 minutes of yoga a week to maintain flexibility and stretch muscles that can become stiff when running.


Be a thoughtful, prepared teacher. No winging it last minute. Think ahead. Plan ahead. 

Get to know my students. Be conscious of their needs, their interest, their triggers, their passions, their dislikes. 

How will I do this? Not sure. I'm hoping that as I continue teaching I'll put less energy into lesson planning from the ground up, and  more into tweaking those lessons as well as finding and implementing strategies to really get to know my students in the limited 40 minutes a week I see them.


Finding balance this year will be huge for me, saying yes when I'm scared to say yes and saying no when I'm scared to say no.

 Confusing right? 

Well, either I feel nervous to try something new so I say no or I feel obligated to do something so I say yes, which ends up draining me. 

Saying yes when I'm scared will lead me to new experiences and help broaden my experiences. Saying no when I'm scared of saying no will open up time for things I really want to do but I'm too scared, for whatever reason (And a  lot of times I'm burnt out from saying yes to other "obligations", so things come up which require risk I don't have mental energy!).

Here's to 2016! Living healthier with balance and financial knowledge so I can be the best teacher I can be! 

Link up here at the Principal Principles and here at #2getherwearebetter. I can;t wait to read others goals!

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