Five For Friday 1-22-16

I got a Mac! Incredibly excited! Granted I'm still figuring out how it works! Why is so different from a PC?? If anybody has some tips or resources send them my way ASAP!!

I saw on Pinterest (or maybe it was on a blog?) this app called Too Noisy. I've been having so much trouble getting students to quiet down, then stay quiet. This app is amazing! I tried it with all my first and second grade classes, and some of my kindergarten. It was most successful with my second grade classes and less successful with my first graders. I'm not sure if this is because of where they are developmentally (the first graders had a harder time buying in to working together to earn stars and to not "break" the screen) or whether it's just these first graders, since the kindergartners did like using the app. 

I have been knee deep in Teacher Evaluation! Last week, I had an informal observation, this week I had a formal observation and on Monday I have both my post-observation and my mid-year meeting! 
     I knew I had my second formal observation coming up, but I thought "coming up" meant...March-ish. Last week I looked ahead in my planner. It turns out the observation was this week! It's actually kind of nice being done with all three of my observations by January!  Now I just have to write both my reflections for Monday...

I bought two of Ron Clark's books and spent a good portion of the long weekend reading! So good, so many great ideas and super inspiring!

I really don't have a five. Nope.

 I could post the picture a student drew of me and my husband this week. I asked her what his name was and she said I could name him. Then amended her statement and told me to name him once I got married. 

Or I could share this picture of how my first graders added their animal wonders to the Wonder Wall. One of them said "I want to add my wonder to the wall because I didn't really find the answer yet." Bingo! 

Or I could share going to regional PD planning. Or how I spilled ketchup on my light colored corduroys right before lunch duty and had to wear an emergency skirt that made me look like a cowgirl. 

Or that i made more parent phone calls/emails/Class Dojo messages in this past week than in the last two months.

Or this adorable picture that makes you realize how small and precious the children we teach really are (And, yes, I do have big hands which makes the picture more dramatic!)

 Or that it snowed all day today which meant I sneaked in my long run yesterday .. night. Yep. Came home from work around 4, came inside to eat a bite, then went back outside and ran for three hours. The snow is pretty though. 

Or I could just ramble for 5 because that's just the kind of week I've had! 


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