Five For Friday 1-8-16

I FINALLY ordered a carpet for my classroom! Major celebrations!
Before Carpet
 I have needed one since the beginning of last year (yep, since I started teaching!). I'm not sure if most classrooms come with a carpet but since I teach in a computer lab, there was no carpet. This was not only an aesthetic pet peeve of mine, but also a classroom management piece that was missing. Last year, my mentor would suggest assigned seats on the "carpet" for helping with certain discipline problems but how could I when there wasn't a carpet? So I would pieces of tape on the floor and that helped but the tape would get peeled up and that became a whole other classroom management issue! 
But ta-dah! Here it is!

I bought the carpet on Amazon, here

I got zero clients in my classroom!  
Your can kind of see in these pictures above the original towers that were underneath the tables...and which were frequently knocked over when kiddos swing their feet when sitting in their chairs!
I've been looking forward to this since October - my air conditioner hasn't worked since September. Put 23 students in a small classroom with 23 computers, with no air conditioning? Oh my gosh! Hot, hot, hot! The zero clients give off a lot less heat (hence a cooler classroom!) AND they take up less space! I can actually walk in between the two rows! Yahoo!

 So now my classroom feels much more airy and spacious and I am loving it. Only downside is that  I have to log in to every computer, every morning, then log into Google Chrome for every computer, every morning so the bookmarks are all there for the students. I created little labels to put on the computers with the log-ins (because each computer needs its own log-in) and this helps.
Overall cooler and more roomy classroom = worth it. Combined with the new carpet and I feel like the whole room has had a face lift.

After becoming completely obsessed with Kimberly Geswein's free fonts on TPT and figured out how to actually use the fonts (learning curve!), I decided to finally download Hello Literacy's free Hello Fonts and I love exploring them! It's my favorite way to procrastinate! ;)

I decided to start using the fonts by making these To Do Lists for those students who need extra support with transitions and preparing for lessons. 

I started to wear clothes from my capsule collection. Here are the first four outfits.

I love how the colors in the outfits all go together and it makes choosing my clothes for each week so much easier! I feel like I am being forced to be more creative. I have less pieces of clothing to choose from so I have to mix and match in ways I haven't before. 

My lessons weren't super exciting this week. I taught behavior reteaching with all my classes, using the Poetics app with my first and second graders.After brainstorming how we can follow the school rules in media (and reading the social story Know and Follow the Rules with first grade), students created a tableau in a small group, then using the Poetics app to take a picture and label the role model behaviors in the picture.
Kindergarten also brainstormed ideas after reading the book, but used the PaintGo tool on ABCYa to draw a picture of role model behavior then typed a sentence about their drawing. 

Happy Friday!

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