Reflections on 2015

Last year I linked up to the 14 in 14 Linky and recently reread my post - I loved remembering everything had happened last year!
I hopped over to Kristin's blog and saw they are doing a Reflections on 2015 post and decided to join them! Here are my favorite things from 2015, starting with some of my favorite memories!

I started last year running a 5K setting a PR by about ... 1 second!

 Then  I FINALLY ran my local half marathon in February which is hilly filled with icy roads, dirt roads and lots of cows! But I broke 2 hours, which was super exciting for me!

In March I finally went to a Teachers College Saturday Reunion which I have been dreaming about going to since I was in college. I loved it! It was super crowded and it was my first time in NYC (I know...embarrassing!) but I loved it so much I went back this October. 

My sister had been asking if I wanted to help chaperone her STEM field trip to NYC in May and I kept saying no. After going in March, I texted her saying Yes!! I was initially scared of the city but the TC trip cured that! I loved spending the day with my sister running around (sometimes literally), exploring the Museum of Natural Science, buying ice cream from Whole Foods for lunch, visiting F.A.O. Schwarz before it closed its doors...oh and keeping 30 high schoolers safe!

I officially finished my first year of teaching! A complete dream come true and slightly surreal!

I joined the Oiselle Volèe flock! I love the support from the other runners, getting to meet other birds, and participating in Secret Santa with them! I can't wait to see what next year brings with this awesome, inspiring, supportive running flock.

  I ran the NYC Marathon! Entered the lottery in January, found out my sister and I both got in in March, visited the city in March and May, started training in July, visited again to get our bibs in late October, then finally raced November 1st! The whole process was a lot of fun but I'm definitely sticking to the Hartford Marathon next year! It was a bucket list item I checked off ... And maybe someday I'll do it ten years...for fun...or if I'm an elite and don't have to deal with the crowd! 

I spent time this summer making sure my classroom was prepared for the year ahead and I'm super grateful I took the time! It was kinda a pain then (come on its summer! Why are you at school!) but it made transitioning to the school year easier. I'm hopeful that this summer I'll just be fine tuning lessons and I can really relax.I also am super proud of how I am constantly fine tuning through out the year, especially with classroom management strategies. 

I finished three modules of TEAM, just submitted by fourth module (waiting for results! Fingers crossed!) and just have one more module to complete this spring! 

 I finished the 2015 miles in 2015 challenge today! I joined the Run the Edge challenge doubtful I'd actually run all the miles. After month 1, I thought I was going to die running 171 miles in one month. I ended up running that many times, even running 200 miles one month! Comparing my miles and pace to last year, not only did I run more, but I've gotten faster! 

My one little word for 2016 will be .. Breathe. It's a good reminder to me to take a moment and relax. I know next year will be busy and tiring with two marathons, a half marathon, a 5K and a trail race plus work, family and friends, but I want to appreciate every moment. I started doing yoga in October when I was fighting some minor running injuries and even though I have never had the patience before, it's clicked for me now. My go to is the Run Ready Yoga routine on the Nike Training Club app. 

Which brings me to one of my favorite quote of 2015:

"Once you make the decision that you will not fail, the heart and body will follow." - Kara Goucher

Goal for 2016 is to: beat 4 hours in the marathon, then beat 3:30 to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I'm running a marathon in April and another in October...hopefully between these two I'll succeed at my goals! 

So my quote for this year is:

I'm going to end with my favorite song: Andre by JoJo. JoJo is BACK in 2015 with her tringle and I was able to pretend I was 13 again. All jokes aside, this is my favorite JoJo song because it's awesome for speedwork (you knew it had to be running related right?). Enjoy:)

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