Five for Friday: 12-18-15

Happy Friday! Linking up to Doodle Bug Teaching to share my Five for Friday:

 This week my second graders finished up their holiday research and once they finished, they created a song about their learning on Garage Band. I started off by showing the video "5 Year Old Jordan Writes a Hip Hop Song in 30 Seconds" which broke down in a really cute way the different parts of making a song. Then we went on Garage Band and created a class song about Kwanzaa. Students worked with their partners and created their own songs, using the pink lyrics sheet to first write out their songs before creating the music for it. 
They LOVED it and I LOVED it. I teach using the inquiry process and I get stuck in the investigate section of the process a lot which is really boring when that's all you do. But the beauty of the inquiry process is that when you really follow the process it has natural variety and students see the purpose for the research (You can't write a song about Kwanzaa if you don't know anything about it!). 

I created labels for my iPads!
 I number my computers but I never saw a reason to number the iPads since I only have ten. A problem I had last year was keeping track of whose projects were on what iPads for multiple classes. I decided to number them, then create a numbered list to use for each project (and yes, I have 13 numbers because I like to dream big!). The students write their name next to the number iPad they have and it makes it so much easier to keep track of where each project is located for multi-week projects.

 With my kindergarten students, we read Why is Blue Dog Blue by George Rodrigue, then made our own colored animals on PaintGo on ABCYa. They had to fill in the sentence frame: ________(color) ____________ (animal) is _____________(color) because _______________. The example from the book was Blue Dog is Blue because blue is the color of the sky. I modeled drawing an orange rabbit with the sentence "Orange rabbit is orange because she ate too many carrots!" The students were so creative thinking up animals and the reasons for their color! I loved this lesson because in kindergarten we do a lot of more basic skill acquisition with technology but with this lesson,  I saw their creativity and I was able to introduce them to questioning. 

My first graders had their mid-year assessment this week so it was fairly unexciting. But next week, I have a three day week and first graders are going to use Animation for Kids on ABCYa. I found it by accident when Googling "Animal Drawing ABCYa"....because animals = animation. It was one of those serendipitous moments where the wrong result ended up being what I was looking for!
 I've wanted to introduce students the concept for awhile but I couldn't find a free, kid friendly way of doing so...this website is perfect and I'm super excited to use it next week.

I'm still training for my 5K! I had a speed session this week and I was really tired going into it. I honestly am as pooped as when I was training for the marathon. Running to the track I debated the merits of tossing the workout and making the day into an easy run. Wellll,..I ended up deciding to try to at least start the workout and see how I felt from there. An hour later, my workout was done, and I had set a 10K record! I am so proud of myself! When it comes to 5Ks I've never really trained for them like I would a marathon. I run some miles, toss in a couple hill workouts and speed sessions sporadically and call it a day. I always do okay but I honestly feel like I'm squeaking by. I decided  for this 5K I'm actually going to train and see where my body leads me. 
I'm also about 70 miles away from running 2,015 miles in 2015. So training helps me get to my goal faster! (Also I have great knees...lots of scars!)

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