Currently December!

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Listening: silence. And it's beautiful. I can faintly hear the rain outside but I'm snug in bed writing this so it feels cozy.

Loving: Going to bed early! I was SUPER tired over Thanksgiving break and I realized that I wear myself down doing too much and don't get enough zzz's. I'm making it a priority for my own sanity and health to not over do it and to make sure I'm sleeping enough (hence why I'm writing this on my phone in bed- plan on sleeping soon!!).

Thinking: I really need to work on my module for TEAM - I think it's technically due Thursday. And I'm almost done, I just have to tie up loose ends. Then write a reflection paper. So I'm googling some things - because googling almost always leads to actually getting the work done! Right?!?

Wanting: Oh my. I don't know. I feel like I have SO much in all the right ways. I do keep getting bummed out when I see all the bad things happening in the world and for some reason it makes me think about my own actions - am I being a positive person? And it makes me think of consumer buying power (coming off of Cyber Monday here!) and how I often buy without thinking of the repercussions - who made it, who benefits from me buying this, what does this company contribute to the world. And it makes me want to think SUPER carefully about my holiday gifts. I want to buy thoughtful presents that have positive impacts (beyond just the receiver of the present being happy with it!). I think I made a similar resolution last year but I guess it bothers me every year! 

Needing: To spice up my lesson plans. Do you ever get bored teaching something and you realize if YOU'RE bored the students must be too? Yea, me too! I feel like I'm stuck in a rut a bit teaching the same way I taught last year - because it was effective so I don't want to mess up the stew! But at the same time these are different kiddos and so right there, we have a totally different key ingredient! (Not sure where the stew recipe analogy came from, but I went with it!). 

Happy December!

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