Five for Friday: Saturday Special Edition

 I actually wore fall colors on the first day of autumn! Very proud of my maturity here! Does anyone else struggle with dressing warm in the morning to battle the morning chill only to have it heat up by midday? That's totally me right now! I dream of boots and cords in the morning then by the afternoon all I want are tank tops and flip flops! 

Second graders are starting to learn about book reviews! This week they read book reviews written by other students their age highlighting what parts they thought were most important to come up with a final class list of attributes that they'll use next week when writing their own book reviews about Nutmeg Nominee books. 

Last week kindergarten celebrated International Dot Day by making their mark using the Sketchpad website. This week we read the animal centered book called Q is for Duck then students went on ABCYa's Typing Zoo to discover the animals in the zoo (while practicing typing the letters A-Z). 

 Last week first graders began to choose topics and write wonders. With second graders this takes one class period. When I was looking at first graders work though I realized that most of them had written their topic then written only one or two wonders. I extended the lesson to this week, elaborating and creating class examples of different wonders. Students finished writing their wonders and made sure they were GREAT wonders: questions they could find the answer to, questions they didn't already know the answer to, and questions about their topic.

T-minus 5 weeks until marathon time! It's a little crazy as it gets closer...can I do this??? Very nerve wracking. The workouts are longer, more intense and just plain take more out of you. I've had some weekday 4:30am wake-ups to sneak in pre-work runs and some late night runs. I just can't wait for the taper, then to be done and be able to say "Yes! I did it and I rocked it!" The training is truly the hardest part of running a marathon. 
Until then though here is my training from the last couple weeks in pictures:

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