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Listening:  It's hot out! It's in the high 80s and tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 90s!


This is also my Make Ahead Meal for the Blog Hoppin' link up! I only have one make ahead meal and it's my lunch! Sunday night I pre-chop all my cucumbers and red peppers, toss a whole head of lettuce and some tomatoes into baggies, cook five veggie burgers, put them in buns, put everything into plastic containers and voila! Lunch is ready for the next week!
 I bring the whole thing into school Monday and it only takes about five minutes to make the salad and microwave the burger (after putting ketchup and vegan mayonnaise on it). Saves a ton of time (about 20 minutes each morning) AND I still feel like I'm being healthy and getting my veggies every day.

Must make sure lessons are ready for tomorrow! But...I bet my bed would be pretty comfy right now... 

Wanting: Magic energy like my kiddos have. I'm in my second week of school and loving it. But the kiddos definitely have more energy then I do!

Needing: Sleep...zzz

1. I really, really, really want to have an engaging, differentiated classroom this year. Last year I feel like I set the framework and I LOVED being able to create most of my lessons from scratch but this year I am super excited to be fine tuning them and really making sure that they are reaching all students.
2. Build relationships with my kiddos, especially those little nuggets who need the extra love. I feel like right now I can barely breathe during the day, let alone find extra time to meet with kiddos and build those relationships but I'm determined I will! Before school isn't as great of a time this year, but since I don't have a duty during dismissal I think I might be able to use that time.
3. Organization! I currently have one big pile next to my desk and a bunch of papers in my filing cabinet that I desperately need to organize. But I can't find any time! Everyday organizing them gets pushed to the bottom of my To Do List. I will find the time! (and if I don't, I think I'll still be okay). 

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