Monday Made It: Cute Posters and Labels

First school day done! Well, first teacher day! But wowza my legs hurt as if I taught all day! Whew!

Wrapping up the day by linking up to Monday Made It with some more projects I've been doing. ...except then I went to 4th Grade Frolics and couldn't find the link-up :(
Decided to post anyways!
This past week I've been creating a lot of posters and labels using the the awesome fonts from Kimberly Geswein on TPT (Go get them! They are free and make everything look awesome!!).

I finally created my sharp v. dull pencil cups. I created the labels but couldn't find two matching containers. Then I found these cups at Stop and Shop in the party section for 89 cents! Look at the cute Crayola crayon print!! I bought 5 even though I just needed two because I loved them so much. (See how many pencils are in the dull cup? Can't lie, these are left overs from last year and I REALLY need to get sharpening tomorrow!!).

Inquiry cycle signs on the back wall of my classroom (which FYI is curved). Not really loving the top big sign right now plus it keeps falling off the wall. So I might redo that...but! For now, it's done! Going across in light blue are the inquiry steps: connect, wonder, investigate, create, share, reflect. Under each step are prompts to guide students in that step: so with connect I ask, What are you interested in? What caught my attention?
 Under investigate I've started to put up the different databases that we have available to use for research. I have to add the signs under create, share and reflect, but I ran out of teal quatrefoil and will get that done once more comes in. I plan to as each step is introduced to focus on the signs under each step so students see use them as a resource

Also created a sign to help guide  students while cleaning up. It's on a side wall now by the door...not 100% happy with this location but it'll have to do for now. Also about a day after making it I was thinking of how I could edit it. Oh well! It's done!

Clipboard container labels! Before they were boring white clipboard containers but I decided to create a label basically just for the cuteness factor. :)

Sign outside my classroom: Kind of stole this idea from another teacher (the best ones come from other teachers, am I right?). Some cute fonts, themed clip art, and quatrefoil background and voilà! (Funny story though: I had cut out the white clip art collage and had to cut off the boy Melonheadz hair to make it easier and figured I'd just draw it back on once it was glued on. Wellll, I laminated it, put it up, and realized he was...bald! Whoops! Never drew his hair back on! (See top left for evidence!). Thankfully I was able to draw it on with a sharpie. Phew!

And a FINAL BONUS SIX! Woo Hoo!!
Student work baskets. I had these mini drawers from a mini cabinet. Took off the front silver metal label (cutting my finger twice in the process - ouch!) and covered them in teal quatrefoil.
Definitely not a precise wrapping job but I figure most students won't be looking that close.

Then I created labels, two for each grade, with the time of the class on the side, which makes it easier to just switch out baskets in the three minutes between classes. This also helps cut out me physically collecting student work so I can focus on more important tasks...only concern I just thought of is having the students  remember to write their names! When they handed their work to me, I would quickly check for their name and hand it back if it was missing. Any ideas, fellow bloggers?

All my projects for this week! My last display I have to make are the Class Dojo points posters. Then next week I'll be linking up on September 2 for the final classroom reveal!

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