Monday Made It: Classroom Projects Continued

Excited to be linking up to Monday Made It again this week to share more projects I've been working on for my classroom! This week I finished: learning goals chalkboard, binder covers, noise level chart, and I'll share how I'm incorporating quatrefoil print into my decorations.

I originally saw this chalkboard made out of an old window frame at a local consignment store and LOVED it.

 It was divided into six sections which was perfect since I have six classes each day. In each section, I could write the objective for that class and hang it on the wall for students to see when they come in. It would give them a focus for the day AND give me a focus for the day. 

The problem with the one in the consignment shop was it had real glass in it. As my sister helpfully pointed out, what if it falls and hurts a kid? A little morbid, but a reality check. 

I had plexiglass from the 20x20 frame and I was thinking I could use that instead (the store had some empty frames). Unfortunately their frame was a lot bigger. 

But now that I had the idea it wouldn't go away! All I needed was a simple frame, and some chalkboard paint and I was in business! I ended up buying the chalkboard paint at Amazon (my credit card has 5% back for all purchases on Amazon through September!) and buying a second frame, this one 20 x 24. I spray painted it glossy blue to match the stool and painted the plexiglass using a sponge brush.

I then seasoned the chalkboard by rubbing chalk on it vertically then horizontally and then wiped it off with a piece of cheese cloth (directions here

Seasoning the chalkboard makes sure your writing fully erases and doesn't leave a ghost of your words behind.

Painting the teal divider lines was probably the hardest part. I thought I had it figured out by creating paper guides but nope! I ended up painting over the teal lines to make them thicker and I was ready to just accept they weren't perfectly straight and even. Then I had the dawning realization that I could easily use painters tape! That way there would be no bleeding and the tape won't take off the paint. It still wasn't perfect but it was a lot better.

I created the labels for the chalkboard bright and early this morning. I apologize for the glare! You can read more about quatrefoil below.

Binder Covers/Poster
I'm grouping these two items together because they were done in a similar way. I created the Binder Covers on PowerPoint and the Noise Level Poster on Publisher (both are available on my TPT stores as editable freebies). 
I knew I wanted them colored so I sent them to the local copy shop where it only cost $8 for 9 sheets. 
The color coordinating binder covers will help keep me organized this year and I can continue by color coordinating further (for example, all first grade materials will have green folders, green labels, etc).
With the Noise Level Chart (size 12x18), I initially wanted some cute little pictures to guide the levels but I wasn't up to creating them and couldn't find a matching set of images to use, so I just went with a color scale. To finish this off I'll paint a clothespin teal. See below for the quatrefoil label I made.

Finally, quatrefoil, I got the idea for Quatrefoil print because it was mentioned in the comments of a Facebook post by Oh Boy Fourth Grade. I googled it, decided I liked it, tried to design my own (FAILED!) and then had the genius idea of just buying it pre-made (I know, DUH!).

This coincided with my idea of using wrapping paper as a backdrop color instead. 

I bought both at Zazzle, the teal here and the sky blue here.

So far, I've only done a few things with it:

Labels for the computers

Labels and sign for the chalkboard and a sign for the Noise Level chart.

I have plans to incorporate it into the big inquiry sign that will cover my back wall as well as in the labels for my teacher tool box (which I am still waiting to arrive!!) 

Those two things will hopefully be done in the next week and I'll post about them as well as do a final big reveal of my classroom as a whole. So excited to be getting closer to putting all these dreams I had in the beginning of the summer into a reality!! 

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