Monday Made It: Beginning of Classroom Reveal!

Linking up for the first time to Monday Made It! Super excited!!

First some background on this post:
My classroom this year will hopefully look A LOT different than my classroom last year. I have a bunch of projects up in the air and I decided as I finish each one I'll blog about them instead of having one really long post.

Last year I was definitely in survival mode and put up decorations/posters as they were needed.
This year I have a much better picture of what I'm going to need and therefore can plan ahead. 
I remember last year before the year started talking to a technology teacher in another school and being completely at lost for how to decorate a computer lab. Her big piece of advice was that it would slowly come piece by piece over the year. And she was right.

Here is the before of the computer lab (with just the computer numbers leftover from last year).

I decided this year to choose theme colors to pull everything together. There already is A LOT of blue is my computer lab (blue keyboards, blue headphones, blue chairs, blue countertops...yes, it drove me nuts when I first saw it!). I decided in a more zen approach this year instead of fighting it, embrace it. My main colors will be red and light blue with touches of teal. 

Here is the first project I've completed so far: The stool.

This stool came from my job before this one. My students signed the top and for sentimental reasons I stole it (I mean, transferred it) from one building to another. It was pretty beat up with the original gray paint chipping  as you can see in the before picture. 

This blog post on Young House Love was perfect for giving me an idea of what I wanted it to look like and how to get it there (I might have also become a little bit obsessed with this blog in the process!). I chose a glossy sky blue spray paint from Amazon - I used one full can (normally I'm a flat kind of girl but glossy is supposed to bring energy and we all need that right?) and ended up with this (with helpful advice from my school's awesome custodians - I even got to use their work space when I applied the deglosser!).
I followed Young House Love's directions pretty closely and began by roughing it up with sandpaper. Then I used a lint free cloth (a piece of cheese cloth) to rub deglosser over the metal then I spray painted 4 thin layers. I was a little nervous about this part because I am a notoriously bad spray painter but I was vigilant about the distance and making sure it was a light spray. Then I left it outside for the day and the custodians offered to bring it in since I wasn't planning on coming back that day.
I decided not to paint the top for now but left it as is since I like seeing the students signatures. I covered it with a piece of thick paper with pretty good results - a little bit of blue was on the edge but this post from Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods (I became a little obsessed with this blog too!) inspired me to embrace the imperfections. Last year, some of my second grade students added their signatures and being my sentimental self I like to see their signatures accumulate over the years.  The color also definitely looked a little silver when I was painting it (and looking at the pictures) but once I brought it inside it was blue!

Yea! One project down!

I originally saw the pillow (yes, the print inside was originally a pillow) at T.J. Maxx and loved the saying. When I bought it, I was thinking it would just be a cute decoration. Then I bought the frame on Amazon (the pillow was 20x20 as was the frame). I cut open the pillow to BOOM have feathers fly in my face. Let's just say I didn't really think about what was in it before I opened it! Big mess! (And as a non-meat eater, it was slightly traumatizing/guilt making!) 
I wrapped the pillow around the cardboard backing and voila! 
THEN I had the idea of adding Question words around the edge to make it not only cute but also a reference for when students are writing their own wonders. Plus this way it goes along with my theory of purposeful posters. I used these stickers from Creative Teaching Press on Amazon to create the words after much debate over stencils (with paint...potentially messy and frame ruining with my uncoordinated talent!) vs. stickers (finding the perfect one-inch stickers was hard!). 
Now I just need to find a place to put it.

Next Projects: Fun with Quatrefoil and Learning Goals Chalkboard! 

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