Five for Friday: Summary of all things Summery!

I haven't been linking up to Five for Friday's this summer at all. I gave myself a break from blogging in July then began linking up to Monday Made It. But I'm back! This will be a summary of summery things.

 I recently joined Oiselle Volèe! I love Oiselle and when they opened up spots in their Volèe group, my sister and I jumped on the opportunity. Besides coming with a $20 discount off any of their shorts, a super cute bag and a tank to wear during races to show your Oiselle love,  there is also a great running community on Facebook and Twitter. I love being a part of the group and can't wait to wear the tank during the NYC Marathon!

...which I've been training for the last six weeks! And you can it involves a lot of sweaty selfies, selfies with port-a-potties, beautiful views, and horrid hills (top right was from my VERY hilly long run last weekend - my sister showed up halfway through and helped me through the middle). I have an 18 mile run tomorrow and then ten more weeks of training before the big day! I'm a little nervous about fitting in the runs (about 45 miles a week, with one 54 mile week at the end of September!) while working but I did it last year and I'm going to do it this year! I will find a way!
 Because of marathon training I have been easily hitting my weekly goals for the 2015 miles in 2015 challenge. I can't believe I've completed almost 8 months of the challenge! I remember when I started, the January mileage alone seemed completely overwhelming!

I have become obsessed with ALL Kimberly Geswein Fonts freebie on TPT! I "bought" it a while ago but never actually downloaded and used it until this past week.It makes all my signs in my classroom look so much more AWESOME! There are over 200 fonts and I've only used a handful so far. If you haven't used her fonts, you should! It actually made me excited to design the 50 or so posters for my classroom (might be exaggerating that number a little but not by much!).


I didn't go away anywhere fancy this summer but I still had a lot of fun! I had a bucket list if fun/silly/random things to do including: running through sprinklers, tubing down a river, checking out a local consignment store, playing soccer, visiting the antique shop in town (where I marveled at $26,000 desks!!). Basically things that are hard to fit in during the school year but that I really like doing.

Monday starts the school year for me...ahh!!! Two teacher days and the first day of school is Wednesday. I feel prepared but also not ready at all!! Does anyone else feel this way??

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