Five for Friday: First Week Done!

Let's have a CELEBRATION! Successfully completed the first week of school!

My district theme this year is "Dream Big" so I decided to blend teaching basic classroom routines with student dreams for the year. I first read Applemando's Dream by Patricia Polacco, then students went on A Web Whiteboard to draw and write about their own dream for the year (the two bottom boys wanted to walk through hot lava! Too funny/weird/cute/totally normal for second graders). The first and second graders tech skill was practicing typing, either labeling (first grade) or writing a sentence (second grade), and the kindergartners' was practicing using a mouse.
And here I am in action teaching! In the top picture, I'm asking the kiddos what's missing from my picture on AWW (hint: my arms and legs!) and in the second one we are practicing our noise levels by saying our names together at different levels (and yes, I am KNEELING in this picture! I don't think I realized how much BIGGER I am then my kiddos until I saw this picture!).

And I got to put my Learning Goals Chalkboard into action! Plus my chalk container is back! During the first and second grade lessons, we would read the goal together and talk about what that meant our work should look like when I was modeling. I didn't read the goal specifically with kindergartners, just verbally said it since I think the concept might be a little above their heads right now.  

But! Less you think my week was peach pie, I want to reassure you I have never eaten peach pie! All jokes aside, a couple parts of this week were TOUGH. Like others asking 'Hey! Where's your smile?' TOUGH. Some related to teaching, some school things having NOTHING to do with teaching (not sure if any of you out there would have any understanding of that;) ). I read this article on Blair Turner called "You Are Enough" Thursday night and I was kinda meh about it, but I think it just took time to sink in because today was a lot better! (And FYI, the above picture completely belongs to Blair).

Super excited to get to help coach middle school cross country again this year! Two days a week I get out a little earlier so I'll be heading next door to help out. I love that I get to work with both the little kiddos AND with middle schoolers.

On our second day of teacher PD this week we had a school EdCamp. I was a little apprehensive going into it for some reason but I ended up LOVING it! I went to a session relaxation techniques for students and came out of it with ideas for my Relaxation Station and my Calm Box. The Calm Box is still waiting for some essential ingredients so I don't have any pictures of it yet.
Then the Specials Team was able to meet to plan out Class Dojo. This year we are creating a packet for each student with all their codes in one place and a cover letter on top, this way hopefully minimizing the confusion and work for parents. Really hopeful even more parents will sign up this year. I want to use it this year, in addition to behavior management, to send out weekly updates to parents describing what the kiddos learned in class each week. Speaking of Class Dojo, here is the wall I made for it: 
I only put up how you can earn positive points this year, as I want that to be the focus.

Then I led a session for other teachers on how to upload pictures from your devices (cameras, phones, iPads) to Google Drive. This was something people were trying to figure out at the end of last year so I was excited to be able to show a group of teachers this skill.

SO EXCITED for this Accountable Talk Toolkit made by The Therapeutic Teacher! I first heard of Accountable Talk last year and really wanted to incorporate it into my classroom but wasn't sure how. This will be one of my starting points this year. It was a Flash Freebie when I got it but not sure if it still is. Definitely worth the money though if it isn't a freebie anymore. It guides you through the reasoning of accountable talk, how to implement it and how to create the cards. Totally awesomesauce.

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