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Happy August 2nd! Somehow I completely blanked on the Currently link up until I saw Oh Boy 4th Grade had posted the link on Facebook. But I'm living in "summer time" so I think it's okay! 

Karlie Kloss is a supermodel who I've loved since she first started out (I LOVE fashion!) way back when I was in high school. Klossy is her new YouTube channel and I finally sat down to watch the videos. Definitely not educational related, just fun! Plus she has coding classes for teen girls and I'm hoping she vlogs about that! 

Loving: Self explanatory!

I have so many classroom decoration plans and I'm scared I'm being too ambitious but I'm so excited!! I just need to do one project at a time and remember I have time!
Here are some of the projects I have:
1. Small chalkboard for writing learning goals each week
2. Reprinting a stool I already have so it actually looks nice 
3. Wonder board with Question words
4. Quatrefoil print for the everyday decorations (computer labels, noise level chart, inquiry cycle posters).
Writing it down it seems more manageable. But I also feel like I'm forgetting a project AND I'm doing a lot of these projects by scratch. A custodian helpfully asked me: "Why don't you just buy a new blue stool? Painting it will be a lot of work." Then where would the challenge be? ;) 

This summer seems to be flying! We got out late because of the snow days and we're starting the year a few days earlier than normal to hopefully prevent that next year. But that means summer got squashed! I still have a good chunk of  summer left, but most of it...okay I'm just stopping. Because I'm getting sad. (Please tell me I'm not the only teacher who LOVES summer just as much as she loves school?).

I'm finally in the swing of things in the class I'm taking but I have two assignments that are due today that I haven't quite finished yet! Whoops! That will be next on my list after I finish this post.

You know when you go to the copy room and there are three people in front of you and suddenly you're calculating the distance to the other copier divided by the amount of time you have left in your lunch break? 
This year if I'm copying something or waiting in line to copy something and it's not SUPER URGENT (as in need it in the next three hours) then I'll let the next person go ahead of me. Super easy but can't you already feel everyone's stress levels dropping?

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