Five for Friday: Hello Summer!

Happy Last Day Of School!
In honor of the last day, I wore this shirt...I saw it on another blog and immediately Googled it.  We also had a whole wide assembly today with a slideshow and surprise video of teachers dancing. By the end of the them I was definitely crying...which is kind of weird since I made them both. ;) You would have thought I would have been immune! But there was just something about all the kids being there, cheering for their teachers and classmates, and singing along to the songs that really got to me. Oh my goodness. Must stop now! Don't need more waterworks! The picture of me in the left corner was after I taught my last class for the day today. Such a mix of sadness and excitement!

With my first graders this week I talked about summer reading then they chose a story from Jon Scieszka collection to read as a class. Students then went on BrainPop Jr to learn about the author. Once they were done with that they completed an End of the Year survey that consisted of three Questions: What was your favorite part about media? What was your least favorite part about media? If you could change one thing about media, what would it be?
I finally got the guts to look at their responses last night and they made me smile and laugh, as well as ponder! One of the biggest negatives that they didn't like was they didn't like that they had to sit! It makes me wonder how I can incorporate more movement in my lessons and shorten the time of the lesson (about 15 minutes right now). 

The second graders also learned about the summer reading program and took the End of the Year survey. Then they had free choice, where they could pick out of all the different digital tools and websites they've used this year. I have to admit at the end of some of my classes I got a little teary! These kiddos head to a new school next year and I have loved teaching them. 

Look  at this cute little tumbler! It was the perfect present from a student because my tumbler actually broke about two months ago. I was making due with a semi broken one that leaked. But now I don't have to! Yea! 

I can't believe I'm officially at the end of my first year of teaching! It's extremely surreal. I have dreamed of teaching for so long and to have successfully completed a whole year leaves me in slight shock! I'm definitely looking forward to not having to wake up to an alarm but will still head in everyone in a while to get work done. And you can tell from my second picture that I already have my planner for next year!

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