Five For Friday = Five More Days!

My first graders this week reviewed Internet safety by watching and reading the movies, digital stories and posters second graders created the week before. I loved seeing the second graders work be used to teach and the first graders especially loved watching the videos the second graders made. 

Before the end of the year I really wanted to have the students use Google Drive for a project. I had tried and failed using Google Slides to create a class wide presentation that reviewed behavior. Well, let's just say it was a disaster. Twenty second graders all in one document at the same time = mass confusion. I should have seen it coming but nope! 
I decided when I revisited Google Drive again, I would group students by their Jump Rope Numbers (a system that stems from PE where each student is assigned a number for their jump rope and which is super helpful when assigning computers). Only a small cluster of students would be working in each document, lessening the confusion factor. 
I was reading through Stephanie Harvey's AMAZING book (seriously, if you want to incorporate tech in your classroom, you should read it) and she had a great lesson where students collaborated on a Google Sheets, reading a book then note taking what they learned, wondered and what made them go WOW! I loved the idea and decided I would group students by Jump Rope numbers (1-3,4-7,8-11, etc.) and assign each group a spread sheet and a book from Tumblebooks. One problem was kind of bugging me (technically two problems): would the student wasn't interested in the book I assigned them? And what if the book I assigned them was WAY above or WAY below their reading level? 
I was doing my readings for my Differentiation class when it hit me: don't group them by jump rope number! Group them by book! Instead of having a spreadsheet for each cluster of numbers, have a sheet for each book. Then show students the book, what the book topic is, and each books reading level (most students by second grade know their own reading level). That way the students can decide which book they want to read and therefore which spreadsheet they want to contribute to. It's completely DUH! after the fact but it felt like such a break through when I realized it! This way too their interest level will increase and therefore their attendance to the real task and of achieving the objective, which is learning how to contribute to a collaborative document, will increase. 

By the end of the week instead of having them sit at their assigned computers, I had them sit grouped by which book they were reading to help diminish cries from across the room of "Hey! Jack is typing in here too! Hi Jack!" This worked A LOT better than having them scattered. 

I woke up yesterday to see the projected high temperature was 90 degrees...oh my! Thankfully we just have five days left then summer! Wednesday was Beach Day for our kiddos. I loved seeing their inner tubes, cute t-shirts, and beach towels! But it also made me long for summer!!

On the last day of school we have a End of the Year Celebration complete with a slideshow created by yours truly. Last week some second graders asked if they could help me put it together...of course! This was awesome because it meant less work for me ;) and an opportunity for the students to create a product the whole school would see. 

Today there was fundraiser for a boy with cancer at the high school, where teachers, students, and parents participated in a variety of races, from a competitive 1600 to a speed walking contest. I participated in the speed walking contest and I was horrid! I'm pretty sure everyone had a light jog happening though and not a speed walk! I also got to race in the 4X400 with other teachers which made me realize I am sorely lacking in speed work in my daily running! It was such a great time and for such a great cause. 

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