Five for Friday: First Week of Summer

 It's summer and so far I have been doing a lot of ... cleaning.
Which is not like me AT ALL! I am a horribly messy person. But I realized about half way through the week as I was being super productive this is the first summer I haven't been stressing about finding a teaching job. That alone is a job in itself. 
So now I feel like I have all this mental energy which I apparently am putting towards cleaning and organizing!
Today during my cleaning I found some old pickle jars (aka mason jars) that I had cleaned out with the intention of turning them into pencil cups for my desk.

Put together with the tubes of paint I had found earlier in the week I was ready to go! (I also needed a break from cleaning). I took the paint and splashed it inside of the cans. They definitely didn't come out as cool as I thought but I was impatient and hey! It was the first time I tried it so I'm happy overall with the results. 

Monday I went back into work to get some organizing done. I told myself I had to be out by noon and the time flew! I was able to organize my lessons from this year into three binders (one for each grade). Next week my goal is to finalize the kindergarten binder and double check to make sure I'm not missing any lessons. 
And I have a couple of crafty projects up my sleeve there too! I got an email Wednesday from the secretary telling me a package "containing glass" had arrived"...dun dun dun! I'm hoping to get that project done in the next month or so and I'll post the results here.

 I got a new laptop! At first I hated it and was bemoaning to myself...Why didn't I listen to all those techy people and buy a Mac?? 
But then I had a realization: the reason I hated it was because I didn't understand it. It's Windows 8 instead of 7 and it had me so frustrated! I'm so used to 7 and so used to having my computer set up exactly the way I want!
But this will be yet another summer project as my goal is to be fully transitioned to my new laptop by the end of summer. I'm planning on bringing my old one in to work to be able to work on tech projects at school (not that our school computers aren't able to handle tech projects...;))

This morning I spent some quality time in Starbucks stealing their WiFi...err drinking a strawberry smoothie...while downloading software.

 Monday night I read at our public library as part of our districts #raponsummerslide initiative. Every Monday night throughout the summer, two teachers read great books to children followed by pizza. When I first got to the library about fifteen minutes before it started there were about 5 kiddos. Not too bad for a gorgeous summer night.
By the time we started, there were 65 students there, from preschoolers to leaving second graders! It was such an awesome experience and the neatest part was seeing all the kiddos lined up to check out books after...mission successful! 

My favorite part about summer is you have the time to both get things done AND to relax! I read as many books this week alone as I read all year. My legs are slowly becoming tan..well tanner. I'm running and not feeling exhausted. I'm actually looking forward to my long run tomorrow! I LOVE summer.

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