Five For Friday: Teacher Appreciation Week

Super excited to share that the sticky note idea worked great for my assessment! I was a little worried because since it was an assessment I couldn't show the kids how to label the different text features. Instead I labeled a picture (which wasn't a text feature I was assessing for) and the kiddos did a great job with it! Once they were done they went on BrainPop Jr and learned about a topic of choice. 

With my second graders this week I was teaching about the importance of finding sources during research that are current (in the ten years) and how we can check to see what date the source was published. Well, going into it I was a little stumped because I feel like it's a fairly dry subject. But I also know it's a super important concept (and one that I was surprised they had misconceptions about - they were sure the older the source the more trust worthy it was since it had been around longer!). This weekend my sister said in a random conversation "Remember how those Dino books we had as a kid said that Stegasaurous's had two brains - one in their head and one in their tail?"
And there we go! I had the perfect introduction! (I also realized the Pluto planet controversy would have worked for this as well). 

To introduce the concept, I made up a story (I mean I remembered...) about how I loved Stegasaurous as a kid and I thought it was fascinating that they had two brains! So I decided to read about them, and found a book from the library...and the book from the library said they only had one brain! What?! I asked them why the two books, one from 1997 and one published in 2011 would have different information? And which one did they think was right?
Well they all thought the 1997 one was right. 
It was a great lead in to a discussion about copyright dates and having them decide whether certain websites and books would be good for research based on their publication date.
Above is one of the pictures I used to demonstrate the two books. Yes that is really me at age 7. I'm pretty sure they believed I had posed with my Dino book for my class picture. ;) 

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! Which means discounts at Talbots, a PTO Luncheon Wednesday and a Potluck Celebration Breakfast Friday. 

It also means sales on TPT! I always resolve that I'm going to  take advantage of the sales on TPT then I never do. Well this week I finally did! I bought some background by Kimberly Geswein   that I had seen advertised by Farley and I also bought some Melonheadz products! I have been dreaming about them for a while so this was the perfect chance!

I went on a field trip Friday to the Trash Museum! Yes it's a real place and it's kinda awesome. Best part was probably the room of trash but I also really got into making the flower collage out of scraps! 

Monday I spontaneously signed up for a 5.5 mile trail run. This is NOT something I would normally do. I like to know my races ahead of time so I can train and be all anxious the weeks before. Well I definitely did not have time to get nervous! I was just processing the fact I was actually running it! Since I normally do my long runs Saturday I figured I'd run there, run the race then run home. In all about 16 miles. Not too bad. 
Well the morning of the race my sister informs me it's about 8 miles to the race start not 5.6 like I thought. What!! 
Oh well! Off we went.
It was hard. It was probably one of the harder races I've run in a while. My sister and I pretty much ran together the whole time which was nice. She pulled ahead at the end when I had pretty much hit the wall but I had a final time around 46 minutes and my goal was 49 so I'm happy! 
Running home we decided to jump into the river and take a spontaneous ice bath...ahh that was heaven!

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